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Have been the All Star game tonight for Major League baseball. Without it, we are left to get creative and I I spent the lunch hour today, digging up memories of the Reds related to the All Star Games over the years whether it was hosting a five times they hosted whether it was winning the MVP award. The Reds won the M V P five times in all Star game history that is tied for the second most in baseball. Baltimore. The Orioles have won six All Star Game MVP awards. The Reds have five that ties with a couple of teams. Present 67 Morgan and 72 Foster and 76 Griffey senior at 80 and Concepcion 80. To think about that, and what from 70 to 82. The Reds won four MVP award. So I was it any wonder when, in the seventies 52 All Star selections for your franchise compared that to the 6010 period, where they had 26 All Star selections Total. It's Ah Sharon Gill Jim 700 wlw Welcome. How you doing, Lance? I want to call it a night because 50 years ago today I was sitting at Riverfront Stadium with my dad and I'm 66 years old. And watching the old star game. My dad worked for the Postal Service, actually downtown Cincinnati, and he had to leave the game early because he worked the midnight turn. Sorting mail, so he had to go on and I stayed there. And I got to see Pete Rose run over Rabaul. And it was It was incredible. I teased him till the day died about the fact that I was there. Oh, I bet man Oh, man. But you know what was crazy to me back then, To be honest with you. Aside from the fact during the game, you know, rich. You mentioned Richard Nixon was there, but the secret Service that were there never turned their back. And watch the game. How about that Kraut? Yeah, the whole entire time. That's something that I picked up on. But you know, back in those days, to be honest with you what was so great about the game was it wasn't just another game. They played that game as if it was the Pinnacle of the entire season for them. The pride in the league was very much on display and winning. That game had extra meaning to it. I saw it, I might did work it don't know Avenue. At the post office, which was a block over from where old Crosley Field used to sit. So I saw many games that Crosley and I, I saw an All Star game or at least a matchup. Almost every time we went down there, whether it was Bob Gibson fading for or Sandy Cove fax or Don Drysdale or Mori, Willis being on base and Johnny bench, catching and Just just the matchups. So many I saw all stores every time I went down there not only all stars but Hall of Famers. It was incredible when it's You know, I shared that with my father. And it was a great great time Growing up in memories. I'll never forget great memories. Hey, thanks for Sharon. Thanks for calling tonight. You gotta take care. Let me go to Mason, because the all Star Game in 70 Also in the mind of debuts on 700 wlw. Hey, Dave Land. Yes, Dave here. Ah, Back in 1970. I was 10 years old. And friend of mine was 13 and back In those days, there was a friend of ours and owned a pony keg and Mason. They're on Route 42. It's still there called Lose Pony, Kay and back in them days. Ah! Lovers of establishment would get tickets from the distributors. Well, all got integrity took us down there before we got to stop somewhere. Uh, I can't remember exactly what sheet we had. What about the eighth inning? Me and my friend Look down and the three states directly behind home plate or bacon? Oh, yeah, on. I imagine there's probably a picture somewhere. That would show that but back in them days, you know, you don't know. We set there and we were directly behind home plate. It right, Rossi and I remember Pete took from grief over that replaced a started go ahead. Yes, Yes, he did. Yes, and the throw was high. Oh, and of course, he didn't know that Or maybe he's seen it at the corner of his eye, and he decided to go over the shoulder into it. And if you want to replay it first Reach down to try to help him up. Yes, Yes, he did. And then everybody came out up in. Of course, you know, he laid there and that was a bad deal for the man was never that messed up his shoulder. Hey, day. Great story, man. I really appreciate you calling tonight. All right. Thank you. That's good. That's that's what I'm looking for. Just the moments of memories related to the red, specifically an all Star Games over the years, Tony Perez was the first red to be named MVP in the All Star Game 1967. Homered in the 15th to break a 11 tie. Ah will get into some other memories and moments is we roll on We'll check news and continue our nail carrier SPORTSTALK. Presented by Kelsey Chair below 700 WLW. News, Traffic and Weather News Radio 700 W ell delegate Cincinnati As cases continue to rise in the U. S. There is some good news on the vaccine front, but the 7 30 report I'm Sean Gallagher breaking now. While one is done expected for at least a couple more months there were optimistic results on further testing of a possible covered 19 vaccine. The first covert 19 vaccine tested in the U. S revved up people's immune systems just the way scientists had hoped, researchers reported on Tuesday. The experimental vaccine being developed by the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc. We'll now begin a key final testing phase in a 30,000 person study to see if it can truly protect against Corona virus results published Tuesday showed in earlier tests. The vaccine resulted in anybody levels comparable to those who have survived covert 19 Mark Malard ABC News, Dr Anthony found she telling young adults about their societal responsibility and fighting the spread of the Corona virus, he told students at Georgetown University. Everybody has a role in getting the outbreak under control, the nation's top infectious disease expert explain a large number of infections are being found in younger generations, he said. You could put others in danger by not taking safety precautions because you've been infected. They're not showing any symptoms now the latest traffic and weather together right now. No no reports of any accidents. Now the latest forecast from a train heating and cooling weather Center on news Radio 700 WLW tonight Clear guys. Lois, 65.

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