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That thing might be possible, but. I. Don't see how they can stop the book. What's your get at Mount how the court is going to rule? was Lambert is the judge in this case, not I think. He's a tough minded guy with a lot of independence on the court for a long time. He's not going to simply rollover. Administration. But I I would be surprised if the court tried to stop publication to this point, remember the biggest case that the one of the biggest cases in your times ever had as a newspaper was about this issue prior restraint, it was the Pentagon papers that showed the court, said No. You cannot stop publication in advance. Even if you don't like it now. He's not a newspaper. He's not job. All is not newspaper. He's not. A journalist in that sense, he somebody who had been the government's. The rules are different. What they are alleging here is breach of contract. Trying to get around the first amendment issue, but I still think it seems like an uphill battle for the government. Take you to some other events set at half is week to sharp rebukes. The trump administration one on the dreamers and the other in four LGBT workers. Talk about what's happened here and what it could mean. Some people have argued that especially in regard to the dreamers that it was a sloppy case. Put forward by the administration purpose lay sloppily. What's your thought on that? Yeah, so on the DACA case, the case of these younger immigrants who came to the country when they were kids by brought by their parents and President Obama had a program to spare them from deportation in effect, present owed trump tried to overturn that and what you saw in the ruling this week written by Chief Justice Roberts, and then joined by the four liberals on the court in effect. Effect was saying it didn't do it right. You know you just have to have due process you have to have. You have to go through the the procedures in order to make the chain you're talking about and you didn't do it, so they didn't say you can't ever do it. They didn't say a president can't have some. You know authority here. Since it was a presence, authority started the program in the first place. They're saying you guys were basically incompetent. In the way you managed. which by the way is a thing that John Bolton talks about to? He says in an interview that aired on Sunday with Martha Raddatz on ABC one reason he doesn't support president trump for reelection..

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