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And bracelet. Guys then assaulted a second woman with a bottle. All three had their phones, wallets and purses taken to see this level of violence celebrated gleefully. So much so the perpetrator himself posted on social media City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell says a third suspect is still on the loose and elementary school north of Big Bear has welcome back students to campus. Lucerne Valley Elementary School got a waiver to do a hybrid of in person and distance learning. This parent tells NBC for the school is doing a good job of keeping kids healthy. Everyone has taken the precautions. Unlike other people that you go out and you see That they're not. They're sneeze, guards at deaths and sanitation stations in classrooms. Monitors make sure kids keep at least 6 ft. Apart while at recess and walking in hallways. Lucerne Valley Elementary's principle says about half of the school's 471 students returned to campus today. Smoky skies from our fires, and the fires in Northern California has brought a really poor air quality for the rest of today and tomorrow another chance of afternoon thunderstorms Friday over our mountains and it's still hot, but we will get some heat relief this weekend. Anthony Honest NBC for Right now it's 74 in Fullerton, 72 in Costa Mesa, 72 in Inglewood and 74 in Encino. We lead local from the 24 hour news room. I'm Gina grad. Making a way through La Kenyatta Flint Ridge on the westbound side of the 2 10 Freeway. This has just passed Angeles Crest Highway wreck block in the right lane crews on the scene with her little Gawker's block through here. New problem popped up in North Long Beach 17 South connector to the eastbound 91 wreck blocking the transition road here. CHP is on scene, the waiting on a tow truck to arrive West Covina, its construction. He's bounced out of the 10 from just before hold to the 57 3 wreck Lanes ConEd off until five. Connecters, 57, North and south are also shut down. KF eye in the sky helps get you there Faster I'm.

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