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You're thinking of Roma Downey. Yes. My bad rally. Both have British accents Roman. Johnny was from. There was a TV show about an angel. Right. Yeah. Touched by an angel hutch age. Yeah. No. This is Jane Seymour. Yeah. There's a different one. You're you know, what I'm talking about now. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But they they both kind of look we're both older, and they kind of look alike, and they'd have British accents Roman their pitching staff has really dark hair. Right. Jane Seymour had lighter. I'm just saying we just did it. I just did a little library for Chicago's best Sunday nights. Ten WGN TBS. They're doing favorite, nostalgic foods. Oh, what is if you're going to be nostalgic about a food? So I guess if you're in a stall, Jake, my feeling is that means something I grew up with that was comforting, right? Okay. Yeah. That has to be that. But that's what it makes me think food that was could be something you just missed because you don't have it anymore because they closed or moved away. Right. But what I'm saying is is it food that you went out to eat or that your parents may define it in the ten second commercial. But let's go ahead. And let's do one of each give me something from home. And something that you'd go out to get that you miss. All right. Well, I think what I missed and you can get this anywhere. But for some reason, we had family celebrations there. We had birthdays, weddings, barmitzvah, whatever. And it was a unique place multi-storied like a home and artwork filled. Every wall wasn't necessarily cheaper work. But I'm not kidding small. Pictures large pictures frame it was a restaurant and it was in Evanston for decades. And the owner of it wrote a cups column cups like column. In the Evanston review every week about all the famous people who came in to the restaurant and talking about the the the benefits going on in town. Great promotion. And they the food the the spaghetti was so great. They actually sold it in grocery stores Rosia frozen fruit sugar and grocery stores, and it's called fannies and Fanny's closed decades ago. And it was a great loss to people who who love the place, and then somebody bought the recipe for the spaghetti the Italian meals and opened up a fannies across the lake in Michigan. It was right on the lake. I don't know if they're still open. It was very hard to get to. I remember because one day we were just driving around on a weekend up there and saw the sign Fanny's, but we didn't go during the day. So another cool thing about it was if it was your birthday or an anniversary. They would come out with a white sponge cake a slice of white sponge cake. It was always. As the same cake was like a signature thing with a candle in it. And they would come out, and they would sing happy birthday or whatever. And the place was so crowded tables were right up against each other. And you would have table of two next to a table of ten. It was absolutely fantastic. Spaghetti fantastic Italian food that was Fanny's. I have pictures of a standing out in front of it was a kid and what about one from home? I think the one from home, and I I have the recipe. I haven't made it in ages is my mother's fried chicken every Friday night. Fried chicken, and mashed potatoes was fried chicken. And she made it special. She would coat the chicken in an egg dip, and then put it in a bag of crunched up a cornflakes. Okay. And then shake the bag and put it on a greased sheet and bacon. Nice. And it was list juicy inside. Yeah. Has crisp enough outside and that kind of there. There's just a tad bit of sugar in the cornflakes. Sure that made it sweet. And we'd have mashed potatoes and Friday nights at our place was just fantastic. We're going to do more of this later in the show. We got a guest coming up here at one thirty and our friend Kimball wears in it too. But after three if you're going to be up with us, if you're hanging out think about that we'd love to hear from you later in the show. What's an historic place used to go to you don't get to go to anymore because they closed because you moved away whatever. And what something from homes Roger had fannies in Evanston, and he's got fried chicken on Friday nights at home will do more this after we check the news. It's one. Thirty one in the morning. Let's get some headlines from Roger badesch, governor electricity prescrip- plans to use his own money. Double salaries several key staffers. He created a separate fund personally compensate staff in addition to their government salaries. Those who receive the extra money must reported on public disclosures worn force officials reportedly became so concerned by President Trump's behavior in the days after he fired FBI director James Comey that they began investigating whether he had been working for Russia against US interest. At report published late Friday in the New York Times cites unnamed former law enforcement officials and others familiar with the investigation. Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani told the times that he had no previous knowledge of the inquiry in Indiana man, who allegedly ran over and killed a mechanic outside of Chicago autoshop told police he did it following an argument over one hundred dollars Keith motley of each Chicago faces I murder charge. Monday's death. Twenty two year old Carlos Carlos Posadas. We'll check sports, traffic and weather next. On WGN once upon a.

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