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Roads, don't we? We certainly do. Pina. This may be one of the busier travel days of the year. So here we go. The expressway South was just crawling along from the tunnel. Really? All the way to route 24. There's not much room at all nouns bad coming in Braintree. A passing upon circle then coming up towards the tunnel to alright. The cape is the destination. Apparently, Route three South is backed up Well before 1 39. All the way down past sama Set Street in Plymouth. That's quite a stretch. Then we've got a mile for the Sagamore Bridge a little over a mile at the born and for some reason, delays getting off Cape to Route six West route 28 north. They're both backed up a mile to Elsewhere troubles with 95 south. It's stop and go coming down towards Nippon's straight then from Route one down in the left lane crash before 1 40 24 South is locked up before Rue 1 23 down into Bridgewater from an earlier crash by route 14. Let's head up north, Check out Rub rue one with the WBZ NewsRadio traffic up there. It's almost a standstill on Route one north from Webster EB through Copeland Circle a little bit of breathing room after getting up the hill by Lynn Street. But that's very short lived bumper to bumper for Broadway up to where A two car crash has just been cleared out of the middle lane before Lynn Fells Parkway David struck Pelino WBZ NewsRadio Traffic copter. The worst of 1 28. North is definitely win straight up into Lindfield all brake lights there and is about 25 minutes to get through. Route three North backs up right from 1 28 most of the way up to Concord Road. Ah, the mass pike Westbound jammed up well before Newton corner out to the state Police barracks and then delays from Route nine. Whale past. 4 95 miking, Deputy. Bc's traffic on the threes. Now we get a check on the fourth day, WBZ AccuWeather forecast Meteorologist Dave Samuels with us and we've got the rain and showers and that's going to be our story for a while. Yeah, it sure is..

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