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Right and ned ryerson right that. Yeah i remember you called me from l. and said that's it it's seventy two and sunny and time prospects you quit a broadway show to come out to try your hand in front of the biggest name in town edge. You didn't jump good for you. Yes that was a good good. Good thing that i didn't do that. Yes hey i feel compelled to spill the beans right now. I was going to ask you. You know a question that would let you spill the beans. Because i know the beans of which you're referring while waiting for your question. Here's the thing this. I find this really fun now. Part talking about the story of pagan whistle right. And and i find it fun because we can learn all kinds of things as we discuss it. I also find it fun because you're an old friend of mine and we have the basis for a ton of different kinds of conversations. Plus you produce the podcast. But what if you were an expert on pagan whistle. What if after each week on this podcast and expert on the subject came in who unlike you didn't have to go to. The wikipedia page like all our listeners can but or to the bathroom every thirty minutes somebody within functional prostate and a brain large enough to contain a lot of new information about the subject that i wrote about this conversation With an expert in that world i think would be interesting and i think it would be more interesting if it were on camera and i think it would be doubly interesting if the conversation. I just described with the expert that is currently not on hand. Were to follow a reenactment of the story. I just told you fly. In other words in other words i walk onstage and sit down not unlike the late great spalding gray and i tell you the story you just heard the biggest name in town and as i tell you that story. Tens of thousands of dollars of money are thrown toward production budget. That allow us to bring that story to life and we cut back and forth between the story of pag and me telling you the story And in this way we Captivate the viewer with what you call a optics and visuals congruent. With the televised endeavor and then the conversation continues with the aforementioned expert and now we have a half hour show. Don't know what it's called could be called the way i talked about the way i heard. It could be called any number of things but as you know that story or that that concept has been floated around and last week. We actually got a dozen of them in the can. We did it you you were there. Chuck it has happened right. we have We have some remarkable footage put together. I went onstage. I told these stories and this story is one of the ones. We're going to bring to life for tv and I'm really excited by it. Because these are the stories that keep on giving i mean..

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