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Yes. By children through our boss. If you get bitten by venomous snake, you should immediately suck out the venom with your mouth to revolt. It's false mouth on it. We'll deliver extra bacteria and you can potentially get venom into your mouth kind of makes sense. Meg, if your phone accidentally drops in a lake, what's the most common way to save it? Put it in some rights? Yes. One, but I didn't out together. Wilderness, then I just kinda went back and made it sound like a contest. We were like the camp counselors together. Going back and forth camp counselor. I'm the CIT for. You're making me feel old second, you show the dues uses. Incr- uses its incredible costumes to transport you back to the seventies, but when it comes to the fashion of the time, which transmitter feel light and breezy like a peasant blouse and which Makerfield dirtier than a nineteen seventies porn. Stash ears wedding signed for fashion deuces a look back at some vintage fashion trends. If you think they should never make a comeback say deuces. Okay. What about bull bushes down there? Yes, we like them. You know what? I love a good. What about faira faucet like hair. Oh, okay. What about hot. Yes. Okay. What about music. What about headscarves do? What about tie. Oh. What about dying? High boots. Very much. Is one of the worst buzzed about artists in the industry. Everything Lena says seems to cause a star, but let's see if we can keep storing just a little more. Here's what Lena Dunham you and I did play plead the fifth once on a stage. Parity charity event, and I got you to say what that I would move to Canada if Donald Trump was elected and what happened as a result, I didn't have to Canada that it's all I hear about day and I apologize, but here's what you asked for it. You got it. Lena Dunham the tightest gun for you to plead. Legal. To only one they won celebrity in Hollywood, who you think is the biggest misogynist. This is such a roughing because there's so many. This award to? I'm trying to think honestly, if someone who said selling hideous about my body so I can just direct. Since. Okay. This isn't a person who has a ton of power, the small amount. He has a used for ill and that's Daniel Tosh. He said a really unkind thing about my breasts, but he said context, context in which I felt like he was shutting down a lot of women for having bodies heating considered to be normative. It's sort of like he's dumb one to mention because he can't do anything, but he's just some herb like. I don't actually even know who comedy central. It's better this way. Okay. Lena. When girls went into its third season, Christopher Abbott was not brought back to the show, and there were rumors that was because you had differences with him. He made an appearance season. Five. Can you set the record straight? What happened between the two of you? We're friends again now, and I joke about time. I would say our difference was that. I was amazing at my job and he couldn't handle that. Okay. I mean, he just played like, I don't know what to say like, he just didn't want to do it anymore. Can weed out. And by the way like his progress, like he had plenty of great reasons. But I do remember he said Nope. Being stumped on a sitcom, and I didn't let that to artists and I, and we've come to a great place. We have a special question from your Powell and former girls co star, Andrew, rannells look right here. Lina who has been your least favorite of Taylor SWIFT's boyfriends. I will point out of course that you are seated next to sister of one of Taylor SWIFT's former boyfriends. So choose your gentlemen, careful. My least favorite of Taylor's boyfriends. And I wanna do right by on this question and I'm also because I haven't keyed pled the fifth on any of. And I think that makes some kind of champion. My least favorite was have Harris because I felt that he was petty in the public Poon needs to do that. Shoot..

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