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Gorgeous, I have sent them and I have received them and I said twenty percent off. You heard me when you enter the code Miller at B O, U Q, S dot com. That's. Books dot com. Bookstop com. This is w CPT's art of the city. We let you know what's happening in the theater music and visual arts coming up on Thursday, February seven from four fifteen to six forty five pm at the LeRoy Neiman, censor thirty-seven, south Wabash avenue. The school of the Art Institute Chicago presents conversations on art and science often, we think the material world in terms of static stable objects with fixed boundaries, predictable properties put technological and artistic innovations as well as environmental and sustainability concerns are challenging conventional notions about materials and highlighting the limitations of static object think as a professor of chemistry Cassandra, Frazier's lab investigates, luminescent boron dies for imaging and sensing these Di show potential as dynamic media, not just for science and medicine, but also for art and design as environmental reporters and renewable inks. For more information, go to as a I c dot EDU slash events. As humans. We ask ourselves all kinds of questions. But what if we were forced to ask ourselves a question every day? That affected the outcome of the most basic things the most important things in our lives. The question is what is your sexual orientation or gender identity and the answer is the difference between keeping your job or getting fired. The answer is the difference between staying in your home or getting victim. The answer is the difference between receiving medical treatment or not. Because in thirty one states, it's legal to discriminate against people based on their answer to this question. LGBT Americans have the right to say, I do, but they don't have the.

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