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And our head research director of that home with Kerry, Salvador, filming bear, he's out of New York. And he has solved our problem. And I don't know if you remember I talked about when we were talking about reading a lamp or reading light. They said there used to be an incandescent bulb that was kind of like a soft white ball been it had a chrome dome on it. And but I haven't seen one in LED well bear found one and I found it on Amazon. It's not a g it's a Luxonen brand L U X men, and it's half chrome lightbulb, just as I spoke of on the old incandescent half of the bulb from the top all the way over the top is chrome. It is dead. And it's an L E D filaments vintage ballg, so it has a mere effect. It's LED it has a standard base to it. Runs about twelve bucks, thirteen bucks. And it's on Amazon, and it's made by like I said Lux on L U S O N. So for those that are searching we've had two options now for reading actually three I talked about the one option, which was the real bright GE Bob called reveal. And then we had the tubular Bob which was LED which is about five six inches long about an inch in diameter. And now we have the looks on Heff chrome lightbulb, which is called a.

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