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Run. How did it go. what personnel in. Just listen to this so eleven personnel. One running back one tight end. They ran eleven personnel. Every single play but one in they ran twelve personnel in that one play. I don't think that's what matt candidate going to do. Is just what they did in that game. they're trying to keep it vanilla. I don't think that's what's going to happen but that's just me. That is just me. So i don't wanna put too much stock into the preseason. I know i kind of danced around the question. But that's how i feel. Justin mitchell's has with. How good dan moore. Junior has played this camp in preseason. Is there any way. He replaces jukes if he starts to struggle early in the season. If chook struggles it depends on who they keep if they keep someone like joe. Hey like i said earlier. I feel like joe. Hey we'll get the first nod before dan more just based on how mike tomlin likes to deploy rookies. That's it daniel. Let's hear. I can't pronounce your last name when i apologize. He's a tj watts. New contract is done before the season starts cheers from mexico. Hashtag did thank you daniel. So i think the tj watts contract will get done before the season starts. I just feel that. The steelers tj wad. I'm sure what is probably saying we can take our time here. I don't wanna play in the preseason anyways. I don't want the risk of injury. So i think that the time to get the deal done and this is something that jerry do. Lack of the pittsburgh post gazette did allude to that the steelers. And what will get a deal done after the carolina panthers game so when i think about it in that regard i think okay. That's at two week. Stint where they can really. Okay now svirine crunch time. You're getting ready for the regular season but keep in mind. Keep this in mind folks. Tj and hasn't missed anything. Tj watt is not pulling a on bell where he is not showing up. This is not a situation where i remember when the bell. And when he was franchise tagged the first time he had that meeting and they showed them walking into the silly hadn't been there his agent was with him and they had video from the other side of the street of bell. Walk into the up emc. Rooney's sports complex. And this is not that situation. What hasn't missed a practice. He's been there every single day. The steelers should honor that. I feel like they will honor that and i think that he will be not only the highest paid steeler but he will be the highest paid defender in the national. Football league wants deals done. And there's people that hate it. There's people that say that's disgusting to for anyone to make that kinda money. We'll look. I have no problem with these players making that kind of money. It's just like for me as a writer or podcast if someone said hey we want to pay you x. Number of dollars to do what you do. will you take it. no i'm gonna turn it down. yes i'm gonna take it. of course it did. Don't be crazy good for him. Why can't we have that approach. Good for him. And then let's let me say something else. I don't wanna go off on a tangent here. But i will. Tj watt. you have to ask yourself this one question in how you answer this question is should dictate what you are comfortable with him getting paid. You're not writing the checks. You should be comfortable with anything. But i understand is a fan. You want to look out for things like salary cap space and stuff like that when you so. Here's the question you have to answer is t. j. watt in your opinion. A generational talent. I'll say it again in your opinion is. Tj watt a generational talent. Now you might sit there and say well jeff depends on what you view as a generational talent. Well let me explain what i view as a generational talent is someone that for. Some reason is a once in a lifetime type player there might be other people that are similar but no one quite like them. Perfect example troy paula. Malu was a generational talent. There were others. Brian dawkins ed reed. We know the other safeties that were popular when troy paula. Molly was on the field and playing for the steelers but there was none like him. They were similar but there unlike him he was a generational talent. And in my opinion. If you answered yes the. Tj watt is a generational talent. Then there is no way you ever let him leave this city unless it's years down the road and he is no longer effective. You don't lead generational talents. Walk out the door. You give them what they want so that they stay in town. They did it with ben. Rothlisberger did it with troy paula. Malu and they've done it with a number of other players so if you answered yes that. T. j. watt is a generational talent. Then you should be one hundred percent okay with whatever deal. He gets whenever he gets it. That's my opinion. But i stand by it all right. Let's go to cy hip-hop he says how do you think the new logo line will perform this season rushing and pass blocking this new look offensive line and i did say that i had that radio spot. Today it's up in the air. No one truly knows what to expect from this offensive line. I think they're going to be better in the run game. I don't think it's going to be a huge drop off in the passing game. There are certain defenses that give me a little bit of pause when it comes to pass blocking and it all starts with kendrick. Green kendrick green. He's young he's athletic. So far teams like he has struggled at times with getting bull rushed.

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