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He did finish last night, right? No. I mean you did finish a little bit village think a little bit nerve Senate. I everyone thinks it's easy chug a beer. And then when you have a camera on you how many thousands of people in the stadium, and then how many millions of people watching it, it had a little bit of pressure. Now, if you up a little bit. And that's exactly. We don't want to the when it comes to the beer, plus to everybody expects an athlete to be able to do it. David, you know what I'm saying? Everybody has certainly in Wisconsin. Everyone expects stepping theme for this week as many are called. But if you're chosen. Now. Okay. Let's cut to Monday. Let's, let's, let's assume the deer is in fact fearsome in game six. And we're back in fi- serve being over served on Monday. Do you give Aaron Rodgers any tips on how to finish this time because we can have it a second time? We this can happen again. I think we can potentially all agree on that slippery slope David wha-. What, what, what do you say to that in terms of giving tips to twelve should this happen? Again. I thought you redeem yourself which I know the competitor him would would do or go with wet go with what works for you. Grab that Goshen. I mean, I don't think anyone would think anything less of abandoned flam scotch in front of the fans game seven when they're back at home. But if it is a beard. I mean you gotta stand up that's number one, right? I mean, it's you gotta stand up, you gotta use gravity gravity is your friend, you gotta stand up and you gotta hold from the top to right? I mean, the, the angle of the beer, plays a big factor when shut him the less angle and sloping you have for the beer to flow, you know, the slower it's going to be the more your throats gonna wanna try and overcompensate and swallow it. And I think, you know, you're gonna eat cop behind eight ball and kind of have net freak out moment. That's a great attack attack. It. Yeah. I see you. Your, your style is to hold from the top. I mean Aaron as you know, was like holding from the bottom, he, he, he kind of prompt it, you're, you're going from top down and just Tilton and going you're opening up just swallowing. That's what I say. I again, this is all from the college days back. It didn't practice. This is just kind of by nature. I'm going to default mode. Now when you went to David Bach jar a few more minutes left here with the the Packers offensive lineman..

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