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A 32 also new tonight from Colorado the governor there has shortened the prison sentence of a truck driver convicted in a deadly explosive crash from 110 years to just a decade The original sentence drew widespread outrage the decision today on aguilera maderos sentence was among several end of the year commutations and pardons issued by governor Jared polis that 2019 crash killed four people Today President Biden held his second call with Russian president Vladimir Putin this month amid rising tensions over Ukraine tens of thousands of Russian troops have gathered along Ukraine's border stoking fears of a possible military invasion The U.S. has warned of severe consequences if Russia attacks details from CBS News correspondent Steve federman The White House readout says President Biden made clear that the U.S. and its allies and partners will respond decisively if Russia further invades Ukraine Mister Biden also expressed support for diplomacy starting early next year The president reiterated that substantive progress can only occur in an environment of deescalation rather than escalation The Kremlin says Russian president Putin was satisfied with the constructive conversation at least according to him But he warned that major sanctions could lead to a complete breakdown in relations As omicron blasts through country after country leaving millions infected airlines are unable to handle the demand so many workers are testing positive more than 12,000 flights rather 1200 I should say into or out of the U.S. are canceled for today Once again that's 1200 flights flight aware reporting more than 5300 other flights are delayed CBS News senior travel adviser Peter Greenberg says you shouldn't think this problem will quickly disappear JetBlue announced it was cutting hundreds of flights through mid January The exact number nearly 1300 flights are being pulled off the schedule between today and January 13th In Europe Lufthansa has canceled more than 33,000 flights through the end of January For those who were flying within the U.S. in the next 30 days it's become an unexpected buyer's market Many airfares even on popular routes between American cities are now down in the double digits Peter Greenberg travel editor CBS News And the CDC says today if you've booked a cruise even if you're fully vaccinated you should cancel your plans That's because there are reports of onboard COVID outbreaks on more than 90 cruise ships right now Johns Hopkins epidemiologist epidemiologist Chris byer says it's a good move especially considering what happened last year Early on when the cruise ships were still running and the early variants were circulating we saw a lot of significant outbreaks on cruise ships And these are crowded seam outdoor but actually many of the activities are indoor and this is really an indoor virus So I think it's the right thing to do Also today the CDC recommending that passengers on these cruises get tested and quarantined for 5 days after docking even if they've been vaccinated and have no symptoms It looks like Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 booster shot provides strong protection against the omicron variant a clinical trial in South Africa also finds the J&J booster reduces the risk of hospitalization by 85% The New York Times reports the study compared 69,000 boosted healthcare workers with a corresponding group of unvaccinated South Africans The study has not yet been peer reviewed New tonight more encouraging news out of South Africa where the omicron variant of COVID was first detected according to The New York Times the government of South Africa announced today that its wave of omicron cases has peaked without a major increase in deaths for Reid Abdullah of the South African medical research council calls the speed of the waves rise and fall staggering the hope is that the variant will follow that same pattern in other countries including our own Ali mock Dodd a University of Washington epidemiologist and former CDC scientist expects January will still be tough with the number of cases still increasing before.

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