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John the headline yes please don't create math Gators what is the in the put the poured Tennessee police sergeant who had to type take that into his computer Tennessee police department warning residents to stop flushing drugs down their toilets and sinks out of fear that they could create math Gators as if regular Gators a work scary and now that we have one high on meth you see what it would math does to people rates I mean to give some supernatural strength and until that she called out in their bones cave in and you know the end stage is not pretty if that's the look you're going for again but the Gators without teeth not great for the gate are little better for me because I'm deathly afraid of them yeah you're a tasty treat luck according to the Laredo Tennessee police department social media post now our sewer guys take great pride in releasing water that is cleaner than what is in the creek but they are not really prepared for math ducks geese and other fell frequent our treatment ponds and we shudder to think what one all hyped up on math who do the police posted the warning to Facebook couple of days ago after officers found a suspect unsuccessfully trying to flush methamphetamines and paraphernalia at their home back away from the math back away yeah well informing well we're gonna stay on the amphibian Gators amphibians Gators amphibians yeah I think so yeah anyway you heard of a little bit about this in our news but a boa constrictor has been found along a Burnsville road a Colombian red tailed boa constrictor was flown flown slithering on a road on Monday in Burnsville burns well animal control center said people have been calling and interested in giving the snake a good home it was found along the median hi Nicolette Avenue near make entries wrote and by the way they said it's a very friendly snake so what exactly do you know if a snake is friendly I mean really there's always gonna be that first guy yeah who really test that how do you know you can't assume five foot it's a five to six foot snake it's in giant right okay and they say it doesn't mind being handled so I guess that's what justifies its friendliness right because it's it was basically somebody's pet they say I'm it's not clear if the snake was male or female yeah thank me how do you find that out that's the first thing you checked your very for sure hello male or female whatever burns a police tweeted out a photo of an officer who scooped up of the snake in the hopes of reuniting with its owner animal control they says used of course taking in cats and dogs snakes are pretty where certainly a boa is rare but this is the second snake to grab headlines in recent days because Hastings police found a giant bowl snake.

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