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Karen travers. ABC news the White House. More coming up with the big three with Len Berman and Michael Riedel. President Trump also tweeting about Senator Elizabeth Warren today calling her a complete. In total fraud. She took a DNA test that found she has a very small amount of native American heritage in her family line. Trump calls it a bogus DNA test and says she should apologize for perpetrating a fraud against the American public Garfield high school in New Jersey close today because of an unspecified threats. It wasn't until late last night. A tweet went out by school officials. And instead that Garfield high school will be closed due to a threat being investigated by police. No word on details of that threat. And it was only back in March than in the middle school. Here was placed on lock down for a threat in that case. A twelve year old was charged in Garfield, New Jersey. I'm Scott Pringle for seven ten W O R governor Murphy's ordered an investigation after a former member of his administration was accused of sexual assault. Murphy wants to know why Alvarez was hired in the first place. We will not follow the lead of Washington. This will be a real investigation designed to uncover the truth of what happened wherever it leads. We're not playing politics. We all the people of New Jersey transplant. And that's exactly what will provide a campaign, volunteer. Katie Brennan claims Alvarez assaulted her back in April of two thousand seventeen but her complaints were not thoroughly investigated NYPD looking for nine members of the proud boys after a brawl Friday night between that group and left wing protesters three left wing protesters of already been arrested at another Harvey Weinstein. Investigator is off the case. Prosecutor Jennifer Gaffney is the second member of the Harvey Weinstein prosecution team to step down from the Manhattan DA's office both left around the same time the lead prosecutor confronted the defense about an NYPD detective admitting he withheld information from a witness who told prosecutors Lucia Evans had consensual sex with Weinstein after he promised her an acting job Alice. Stockton Rosellini seven ten news brought.

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