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I mean it's a pretty clear metaphor for pedophilia. There's a very clear. Image draws the line on purpose between pedophile. And occult and mike colts and pedophilia in the american psyche are very linked. And but that's that doesn't come out in a way that is compelling to me. No no i agree. I the thing that blows my mind about this is that i can't point to any one aspect of this movie that i thought was bad and yet i kind of think the movie was bad and i don't understand how that's possible. It is most compelling in that. I my ambivalence about it. Yeah yeah. Yes i'm baffled. Okay let's break it down. Let's break it down right. Let's start with cast. yes we always talk about casting. I find cassidy very interesting. We have ewan mcgregor. Who is obi-wan-kenobi as well as has a long and storied careers in trainspotting was in million things. I thought he was the best part of this can kill that. He brought a lot of life to a character that could have been very flat. Definitely could have been flat somehow. He aged backwards from being. Ob one yeah. Like somehow he's younger now than then. It's amazing that acting baby. I don't know how he did it. Rebecca ferguson plays rose. The hat does a damn good job. I thought yep she does a good job she doesn't know what she was in mission. Impossible shoes in life. She's a couple of things men in black. Actually a lot of people in this movie were in men in black. I thought for sure that wayne about him. Karner was going to be rose. The hat when i read the book i was like. That's we're definitely talking about this specific person. Ray kinda crazed pale white skin. Emily allen lind. I thought was interesting as snake bite. Andy i thought she had a a compelling portrayal as a person who is ultimately a a model. You know interested. I think the most interesting casting is these two things one. Do you remember the spectator at the baseball game. Who gives like a weird look in the movie. Yeah vaguely so. That is danny lloyd. The original dan torrance. Oh that's cool. I i like you know. This movie will exit good easter egg. There's quite a few. We'll talk about and do you remember the character gramp flick. Sure do so. That's carol stroking who we went deep into the career of accidentally during our gerald's game episode. He's the zero killary jones game.

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