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But he had one of the finest seasons of any pitcher and recent baseball history. It is a season worthy of baseball's top pitching award. The Mets the Graham the National League Cy Young award winner, and he won the award in convincing fashion. Earning the first place vote on twenty nine of the thirty ballots cats. Awesome. Truly an honor. Kind of speechless. Honestly. Thank God for the talents and abilities. He's giving me the opportunity to play this game that I love underground said major league records this season for consecutive starts allowing three or fueron set the major league record for consecutive quality star really do love competing. That's why we play this game to go out there and compete and. Just every fifth day. You know, it's it's your day. And you want to stay out there as long as possible and try to put your team in a position to win that audio courtesy of the MLB network diagram beat out two time defending Cy Young award winner. Max Scherzer and also beat out Aaron Nola for the ward, he joins Tom Seaver. Dwight Gooden RA Dickey as match to win the National League Cy Young award the American League Cy Young award. Winner was Tampa Bay's Blake Snell joins David prices Tampa Bay rays to win. This award is a guy that I watched when I signed and Tony eleven and definitely go company to be with. But definitely gonna continue to get better and continue to focus on what I need to do to be the best me as well as help this team win because his Tampa teams go Snell a twenty one game winner for that. Tampa Bay team this past season beat out Corey kluber. Justin Verlander, Blake Schnell, the AL Cy Young award winner that audio courtesy of the MLB network..

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