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And he's like oh i feel like she doesn't have any friends on the boat which is like because you're terrible to her so i'm happy to be there for if she needs someone to talk to and then she goes weep maya's have feelings too about casey's like you're not going to be in his good graces he just said like i'm her friends right i see you being bullied to her yeah so that happens then there at dinner and she does not cheers him like very nicely she's not looking as i should not happy about right scary he's been nice can i just be nice looked at me when you she is although i can't tell someone right before they cheer says cheang motherfucker and i can't tell i can't tell who it is i swear i listened to fifteen times i don't think it's him i might think it might be somebody else cheers okay but it could be sudden like sort of an off hand yeah qiwei totally she does look doesn't look at him and then he's like come on look at me in the eye and she like refuses to right then he says not so great this what is this i hope this don with males which agreed not great not a great sentiment does they someone right but then right after that you're chef adam be like they're both just instigators they were going to clash with they're going to do three can't go a single night out without having some ridiculous argument between hannah joel neither of them like being challenged and both of them love to challenge then she goes back to the table and right across like he's psycho here this or something right and then of course the glass breaks my bad which is mortifying and craze right because he's just staring at him and he's not syria than though he's like looking somewhere else the cameras behind him i mansion right and he crushes the glasses hand this is why i give you guys paper cups yeah exactly right thank you grace okay so that also you embarrassed and didn't want that to happen it's not like through a class at our we're not in the rule hustlers new jersey situation later on brooke passed out and hannah's like taking photos and they're like kinda messing with her and he's like defending her owner and being like no no no no no broad demi wecker up and then hannah comes over to him literally says get out of my face she hits his drink out of his hand laurels at the wrong time ron thank you i think that they both instigate each other a lot and the creates this terribleness and i also love the next day when she's like i really try to avoid you and thank you again god bless editing they literally show like five times or she instigates with him yeah but i just did you do you really chiefs he'll make you my fish oh my god you just do stay clear view she's like i never approach you we i keep clear of you and it's obviously not true look at the footage so yes compelling arguments yeah oh one more thing i also went back to the other episode when they fight in the in the van on the way home she he's just standing there being fun he like lays on top of her they're all having a good time and she says i'll make you a bitch if i want to students ask i'm your chiefs you are eighteen but i'll still make you my bitch he does say some pretty terrible things in the van a thirty year old nothing you have gang on your life he know about my life he later on he said often for doug ling minute come out and being on rewind rewind jungling think you all right not great again again i don't maybe it's not that like his behavior is okay i just don't think it's like he so terrible and hannah's this like shining light of good behavior right i think it's more complex than that and by the way brooke likes it it's nice to draw with sticking up for me last night in his own way i'll just love how much of a gentleman isn't it so then i really value and i didn't like that him a totally lighter i was making kissy faced with you you are not willing to do pasta at the second place i literally was taking a photo of me like kissing your cheek because it's funny i thought you liked hannah.

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