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Rushing thirty. Three total total touchdowns. Last season didn't reach a remarkable numbers for the twenty nineteen. Mvp twenty four year old is still in the mix man. I look. Don't sleep on that brother day. Did we go find out this season. Have people figured him out or not. Number twenty three is khalil mack khalil. Mack still plays football ladies and gentlemen he just plays on the chicago bears so You know when the team isn't as successful things a little quiet when it comes to main players all right so but he still very very much so relevant khalil. Mack is still that guy playing all sixteen games of the For the sixth time in seven years Mac produce fifty tackles eleven tackles for loss nine sacks. Thirteen quarterback hits three fourths. Fumbles one interception in scored his first career safety in twenty twenty. Yeah you put that heading your like ocean out that brothers bad. I know number. Twenty two decay. Metcalf moved on all the way up. Fifty nine buys dead brother jumped Make f- followed a promising rookie season with the pro bowl caliber year that offered several memorable highlights the six four two hundred twenty nine pound receivers say career high mark with eight receptions for one thousand three hundred eighty three yards and td's Let's not forget. The border baker rundown that was so famous dispatched season a twenty three year old in peru for the non spots on this here ranking only twenty three. I keep wanting to say because he's only twenty three ladies room. He's number two hundred list. He's twenty three years old. He is afraid of nature in a good way jumping from number seventy to number twenty wine. San francisco's linebacker. Fred wider coming off of his first all pro see Pro season warner had materialized into the best pass cover linebacker. In the first three seasons the twenty four year old made next gen stats top ten coverage players in twenty twenty as a linebacker. The only non defensive back on the list warner nabbed two interceptions in had six past afflictions in coverage while cover while posing a career. High one hundred. Twenty five tackles this guy. Does it all my goodness that is definitely the guy that Office coordinator is going to have to game plan around all season because he sounds as close. Unstoppable as unstoppable gets now we're into the top twenty man is gonna get real spicy in here man. We got dalvin cook at number twenty moving up one spot from twenty one He is somebody that logged career-high number one thousand five hundred fifty seven rushing yards sixteen touchdowns off of three hundred twelve. Carey's yikes now kenny. Go ahead and get that two k. We'll see you to k. Scrimmage yards you know. He does a lot of catching but we'll see jumper from ninety seven to nineteen buddha baker. Who i just mentioned offer. That decay highlight Is up here. Arizona cardinals strong safety yet. A tremendous twenty twenty outing His breakout year consisted of one hundred. Eighteen tackles ninety though solo with two sacks. Two interceptions highlight rule. That you would want start watching number eighteen to twenty two. Eighteen is quarterback any kinda kinda to be kinda nabbed. Here kinda might be a little nabbed here because what he did. This season with his terrible team should be maybe a little higher. But the shawn watson houston texas infils passing champion inswinging twenty watson put up a career. High number virtually every passing category available. Four thousand eight hundred twenty three yards thirty three touchdowns three hundred one point. Four passing yards per game. Three hundred eighty two completions five hundred forty four attempts seventy points who complete a percentage two hundred twenty one first down a thrown twelve point six yards per completion. And did it all while throwing career low seven intercessions. He even add a four hundred forty four yards and three touchdowns on the ground in a still had one of the worst records. Only get that br. That's why he wants to leave my god. We got talk about the home number. Seventeen making his debut on this list. He attended interceptions. You've heard of them before. Miami dolphins db exhibit howard number. Sixteen goes to the aggie himself jumping up from a number eighty sixteen because he is a beast. Mr miles davis amount davies came from myles garrett cleveland browns d. in double digit sack totals for the third. Second season circassian double digit. Gary earned his first His first first team all pro bid with twelve sacks eighteen quarterback kids forty eight tackles thirty three of those solo Four force fumbles in two fumble recoveries. Six four to seventy two. He's a beast. Just a monster. Just just a monster jumping up some spies from twenty two to fifteen is tariq. Heal our He said his career. High marks in receptions with a seventy received receiving touchdowns fifteen while gaining one thousand. Two hundred seventy six yards twenty seven and the fastest the lead number fourteen jumping up. A lot of spots is album chimera in for good reasons. Go watch allan kamerhe highlight from last season you'll be in awe. The same star establish the most productive.

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