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Twelve fifteen. am have been only a little over forty eight hours. Since russell gilmore had been kidnapped beaten and we had a suspect in custody however lewis refused to admit any complicity in crime. We talked to him for several hours but he told us nothing. He admitted that he'd been arrested before. And then he'd served time in san quentin however he stuck to his statement that since his release he done his best to live with the law with the evidence at hand he was booked at the main jalen charge of suspicion of violation of section to eleven p c. We obtain the keys to his place of business and franken. I went out to check. It was a large wholesale store. Selling used furniture searched. The premises fail to turn up any of the stolen merchandise. While frank went through the stock rooms. I check the business. Do nothing back there either. Joe judah while according to these lewis big shipping business. That's what the woman next door. Then making shipments up to oakland regular books. What they were right here. He's been sending large lots of us stuff to a place on macarthur boulevard. There's a whole list of it here. Tables living on sets tv sets better get in touch with the police up there and have them check this place out loud. That stolen property. We're not gonna have a very good case against them. You got the address of the place up north. Let's go back to the office and get a call him show they come up with the answers they don't we might be in trouble. Yeah the da's office is liable through the whole thing out. Thursday june fifth twenty. Am we put a call to captain of inspectors. Tony bolger and oakland asked him to check on the recipient of the furniture ship from lois. We also gained him as detailed description of the stolen merchandise is we were able to obtain. In the meantime lewis had been admitted to bail and was released thursday. Eleven fifteen pm franken. I got back to the office from checking a lead on one of the suspects who had driven the truck robbery friday. Yeah yes it is all right. Tony baldry from oakland. I hope we call it your tony. Yeah what he say. Well let's look from here. Yeah right okay thank you about. He talked to the man who bought the stuff is clean about the merchandise itself. It's all stolen twenty pm. We got in touch with lieutenant smyers and filled him in on the new developments after we talked to him. We contact officers max. Herman had benson made arrangements to meet them at the house on cedar street and it took us less than half an hour to get out to calm the other officers. Were there but the time we arrive by covered the back door franken. I went up to the front. It's the tried again cars in the driveway. We know he's in there. Wait a minute. Sounds like somebody's yeah. What are you doing here. You guys ever going to get job. I got a choice. You haven't linked money. What got through the housing and won't be necessary. Glad of that. What's it about this same as before. Maybe you better spell it. I mean we can go that route. That's what you wanna go ahead. I liked very all right. We got a report root vegetables. Robin kidnapped he was able to give a description of this house of your garage. And the whole setup you've been spike again you're seeing. We took a sample the paint from your front porch. It matches paint found on a truck that was hijacked lot of houses in la painted. Like you think you're going to send me to the joint with a batch of paints gonna help look copy. I've seen enough trouble. And all it's rough to get a conviction with circumstantial evidence. That's all you got with me. nothing more. Why don't you go home. And i'll just forget you were here tonight. We got the plan what we got. The plant they moved in on solar stolen furniture is willing to test. You know we got your code. And i wanna cop-out it's hang so that's the way all right. I'll get caught and goes pointed out. We'll.

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