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Time for your morning. Wake up call. And now here's Jennifer Jones Lee. Alright, look here, mister. Announcer dude. Yeah, Today is Labor Day. So it's not over yet. You still have all day today and technically speaking, you got a couple more weeks this summer. Because the calendar says that anyway I hope you're having a great labor day. We are labouring here for you at K F. I But I'm glad to be here. Came back from vacay. Follow me on Instagram J. J L K F i You can get a little sneak peek into the story that I will tell you a little bit later this morning. That is my reason why it's my public service announcement to you. If you don't have to fly right now, God bless America. Do not do it. Honestly, it had nothing to do with Uh, passengers behaving badly. People not wearing masks. Nothing about that. Oh, it's a big, big other story. It has to do with I was supposed to go to Denver, right? How did I almost get to Denver and end up in Vegas? Crazy story I have for you that's coming up in just a few minutes, but some of our top stories on.

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