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No, Sit down me. There's not a first name, maybe a middle name. Yeah. All right. If I seem to come on, too strong, man I just learned speaking of names. Yes. All that goes into a woman changing her name after they get married, So Daniel had to send off physically. Share her license and our marriage certificate and just send it off in the mail and then, like hope that it comes back one day, not a copy of her lessons. The license that's weird. It is weird unless she was scammed, and I'm just gonna see their identity. I told her if it wasn't changed by by the first that I was taken aback, so imagine two very difficult process changing it should anything everything not work out to like changing it back well, And the thing is, is that that's just the beginning. So you get it change. And then you've got to go change it everywhere. You need a change. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I see what you're saying, man. It's almost not worth it to get married. Do you, do you? You want to build some pomp and circumstance or you want me to just let you know who the winner of the draft is? I don't need the pomp and circumstance is exciting enough that someone's gonna get $2500. To spend that gold and diamond source John, right, and we won't reference the fact that yesterday when we left the show, I was in league with 57%. We won't mention that because the final results you just mentioned have Drew and Dave as the winners 51.2% to 48.8%. Everett, I apologize was really rooting for us and your daughter and it sounds like Dave. New executive chef of some new place and say, PE stocks will be bringing home that China was written 42 ever E really was. You're a good dude and I e was hoping you would win. I knew you were rooting for ever when you were with pastrami Bar in buffalo Chicken dippers your last to pick a man. That's what David chose. I will say it really in love The bone fam love the bone listeners, but it really does. Give you a peek into their psyches. Shan e mean I should have known after reading the Morgan wall.

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