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I'd say the legacy of football or the last twenty years normalization betting. I think there's a normalizing all sorts of things and yes. Some of it is going to be good. Hopefully they use it and you know they recognize that. Of course. That's that's a good thing but I do think that there's also The problem with how we go about if you compare sport for example is is the perfect story. That's why politicians like it. We got the London Olympics. Every Olympics gets over the line because the story that sport is telling the equal shift behavior built this. They will come and good things and good exemption. It's a it's A. It's a can be what it should be. It's it's that's the ideal of And politicians like it marked the biggest. It's a story that is coherent cause and effect but the good bad comes usually call but you have to talk about the negative on the on the run up to it and what gets to deliver it. There's no positive. No I'm I'm I'm just saying that. The story itself is really easy to tell and that's why politicians have marketing people like compare it to say the arts. The Arts are just as fundamentally good sports and they just haven't got the story together and they haven't you know I talk about the United where Shakespeare Company should be the same as the you know. But they don't need said different commercial model. Ifc is embrace commercialism and the arts haven't they resisted the snotty about it so there's the sports role in society is is blown up by its media profile tens of his ability to be a transformation. Let's let's think I mean I lived through the nineteen ninety five rugby World Cup in South Africa. So I mean I don't know if you saw the film invictus. Yeah I mean that was just a very good depiction of sport being used as a as a tool by President Nelson Mandela to heal a divided nation. I mean people were ready to kill each other before. I'd be wool cap. It was a fairytale ending and we ended up with people that were going to kill each other hugging each other in the streets and set up the country for what was the next five years of unmitigated success. I mean it's fallen and a whole since then but you know I think it can be attributed with having made that happen if you look at in women's empowerment. I don't know what the exact numbers but a huge percentage of women that are running fortune. Five hundred companies played professional sports or were Olympic athletes so sports provides opportunities to move people in advance people so I am a great believer in the power sports to be a major transformational driver of societal environmental change and I think that we are punching way below our weight as a sector in terms of the difference in the world. We could make because we're so caught up on the dollars you know what's my purpose. It's to make as much money as possible that the people that own sport. Let's face it. That's what I was going to be fundamental. I don't mind that being the purpose but it can't be the only peanuts. Mind that being the purpose as long as you recognize that the route to that going forward is by being more mindful of what's going on in society so actually if you want to keep their. I'm delighted if your ambition is that the moment but understand that you're not going to be able to do that if you are. A sustainable business If you want doing the right thing if you aren't reaching out to if we aren't healing a Fragmented Society says can do within the Lok so fundamental in local communities so I want you to maintain because if we try and twist capitalism too much. Then we're going to struggle to get anyway so it is about a more intelligent. Capitalism is asking sports kind of I suppose take woke up to shake hands with. I'm not suggesting that we should should capitalism on the biggest capitalism in the capital of the world. I mean always say. I'm not good anybody. If I'm living under a bridge homeless I said this whole concept of doing good and doing well is essential tenants of the way that I operate in the misses that I preach and I agree one hundred percent nick. Sport needs to remain profitable in order to stay in business. But it has this new. Oh do more good exactly Holland actually. There's no point having a business that doesn't hire the best people you know if you we have an amazing organization at beyond spot. I want to hire the best people so I can deliver more change so we have to be a business. The thinks about those sorts of things. So okay I think I can hear noise. There's people milling milling here at the sports week. exhibition hole. Thank you guys. Did we manage to convince you knew? And give us your view. Now you started off as a skeptic so how how you ending up in China. He doesn't change do Chang. I'm very open to surprisingly. I am skeptic rather than cynical always is questioning and I think there's a lot of as I said at the beginning of virtue signaling around this. I don't disagree with some of what you say. I think we are talking to preaching to the choir. There is a broader audience. The last few years of anything is that the conversations that happen in hose like this are not penetrating to the real world out there. You know not just around the world but just in Britain within America there is a whole very angry very unhappy population of probably the majority and we never penetrate that. We're being sport. Sport does indicate. Football does but it's selling something completely different shutting them betting selling them all sorts of lifestyle choices of whatever of the players. All of that is going on there. Whether this message is getting through is another question you know you. You started off actually saying talking about. I'm hearing the same conversation yet that I've heard back in when we first started talking and that is the case real social change happens in social impact in partnerships happened in smaller groups Of Very knowledgeable people that are sitting around the table the way all blending people on the ground that delivering the work the money the league's the teams and also in many ways the global governance. Because we need to kind of release so and so for me these conversations where we're providing great platforms here to talk about it but real impact is happening elsewhere. Happens behind closed doors and is happening And what we've learned over eleven years of running beyond sport is your put the right people in the room and it doesn't matter whether celebrities or not or how important you know it's putting the right. People in the room is K. Okay thank you guys enjoyed that lovely. We're GONNA continue the conversation but until then thank you. Thank you guys what you're doing for our industry is right. I think we all the more common wise is where I'm wondering about alcohol. We need to work on this. We need to have one. I think you will sounds very tiring going rest. Thanks don't..

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