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A couple hours KTAR age news time, we like to change the time around here too. It's eight oh two. Let's verify that eight oh to our top story. You might have heard we fell back today. Meaning you should have set your clocks back an hour this morning and that thanks to the uniform time act of nineteen sixty six everybody would like to see a standard time where it's just one time. We don't have to change it. But they can't agree on whether they want to spring back state Representative Dan Flynn proposed in two thousand fifteen the Texas opt out of the time change the legislation was proposed again in twenty seventeen and it will likely be proposed next year as well. In fort bend county. The sheriff's office is investigating the shooting deaths of a man and two teenage females on silver hawk drive HPD's looking for shooter Aldo Rene Rodriguez. His girlfriend's body was found in southeast. Houston yesterday, Sanderson accounting sheriff looking for two shooters who shot at a deputy one other guys in custody following an aggravated robbery. Those four hundred thousand people visited Galveston for the Lone Star bike rally are going to be going home today. So let's get them. All there safely. Check your rear view mirrors watch for your blind spots for motorcyclists. And like I said the rain should be gone by about ten o'clock this morning. Katie are H news time is eight oh three the congregation of Sutherland springs, First Baptist churches, commemorating the anniversary of the tragic mass shooting one year ago folks will celebrate the lives memories and legacies of those twenty six killed nearly half or children and another twenty some severely. Wounded officials say the influence of the people killed will live on through others. Today's festivities include live music, special performances and lunch as well. As a speech from governor, Greg Abbott, Audrey Morton, NewsRadio seven forty K Terry the first place Houston Texans look to keep rolling. They put a five game winning streak on the line later today in Denver. It's the first game for the new Texans receiver Demari is Thomas. He came over in a trade with Denver earlier this week JJ watt says it was just the kind of thing that the other players were hoping was going to happen. Fills need after will went down,.

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