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Show We heard from Colin Delia and Jeremy Carlton. Let's now hear what Riley Stillman had to say a little bit early after his first NHL goal, the game tying goal with real one left in regulation. One of the things that got wrapped around the boards, I just put you back in suits and Many get shot, and I just happen to touch it and let's go out and went in. What? What's that feeling like, I guess being the first and then just how important that was. It was. It was huge. I mean, there's a couple I had a couple opportunities really in the game. I've got a couple of tunes and asked, um It was big to get that first thing in the way. Next question will come from Charlie Ruma leotards from NBC Sports Chicago. Hey, Riley. What can you say about Colin Deleuze performance tonight, especially given his season in really just having that long layoff and taking advantage of these three games here. I mean, I got there's a lot of credit that I gotta give him on. He was tremendous tonight. That's the only way I could describe that You played very, very well made big soft when we needed them to play the puck well on, then, to go through the adversity had this year from what I've seen since I've been here it was huge for him and hit for the team to get a win something tonight. How important was it to get a win and kind of head back home with A nice feeling, given that the six game losing streak It's huge. We've we've been coming the right way. The last couple of games of better I mean, you look at last night's game was a step in the right direction. Today. We followed that up, and it's beginning to point because you're going home that stands in front of us. Next go to Phil Thompson with the Chicago Tribune. How big is it to get this win against the Hurricanes when they haven't been outstanding record 25 0 and three when leading after two periods? It's huge. They're They're good team, the top of the league right now. They're in position here for the playoffs, So it's big for us big confidence boost for us going home and building in the next year. Uh, like I said, they're very good team and it was big for us to get especially in their building. What's up for? Was it for your defensive group to lose Duncan? It Zhar to describe how it is when you lose Duncan, right is he's a tremendous player. Uh, top 100 player all time like Um, So when you lose a guy like that we had to dig in. We had to bear down, obviously with rags, and there's his first game was big for him to get the minutes he did and play the way he did. I thought you had a good game market. A great team. Couple big black bollocks for us. And it was because it the void that you lose when you've been stuck in this huge So it took everybody to step up their Riley. Thank you very much for your time to see this Riley Stillman after he scores his first NHL goal. Even things up force overtime before Alex to brink. It caps it off with the game winning goal about two minutes into the extra session. So a couple final thoughts here from Troy Murray and, Ah lot of feel good stuff to talk about in the night that you know you could begin to dread when Duncan Keith goes out. Knocked out by linesman's knee and women. That may be the last we see of Duncan Keith this season. You could probably see a lot of kids as the team returns the United Center before fans for these final two games of the regular season, but lots of feel good here, and I guess that's part of the ingredient here through the season that the Blackhawks have experienced. You're going to take your lumps at times when you have all these kids don't let up at the at the same time. You'll get some pleasant surprises and really be energized by what they bring to the table. And if you look at the ability of the Blackhawks makeup of the team right now, it's young. It doesn't have a lot of experience in it. But a great example is this game tonight having Alex arugula come up and play in his first game? At the end of the season, rewarding him for what he did this year and how hard he has worked to get himself this opportunity, you know? Is he going to be in the mix next year? I don't know. He probably needs a little bit more seasoning, but the same time it gives the young players a lot of belief. And a lot of teams don't have that roster flexibility right now, like the Carolina Hurricanes, they're only using what they have. And that's good because they're one of the top teams. But there's not a lot of movement for young players and their organization to get that chance, And that's the way it was for here for the Blackhawks for many years, So when you've reward these young players with an opportunity to play in the NHL, I mean, I think it's what is it how many Of rookies have made there any child debut this year nine You know that? That's a pretty incredible number when you when you think about the thing you got Hagelin vote in who had one game under their belt, let the end of last season and they're not even counting. So even last year when those guys got the opportunity, it's just it's a chance and it gives them Ah, lot of belief and for the young players, they say, You know what Just got to wait for my chance and and for calling Gilead to wait for this opportunity and may make the most of it here in the last couple games, good for him. And for a group of arugula. I don't know if he's going to play in the next couple games or not, But just that opportunity to be in the Blackhawks locked room to play at the NHL level is going to give them a lot of motivation moving into the offseason, so there's a lot of really good feelings. With what has happened this season, even though the team is not going to make the postseason, and it's going to be interesting to see next year with all of these young players how the roster actually is going to shape up, and there's no question that Stan Bowman will make some moves this summer. What those moves will be how big they will be. Nobody really knows. He's always looking to improve the team, but he's had a real good look at a lot of these players this season, so there's a lot of positives going on. I think there's a lot of good feeling. You could just sense that they know they're out of the playoffs, but the way that they celebrated the way that they appreciated what Colin did in this game for, you know, regular to be playing in his first game, and then Duncan Keith going down. Riley Stillman scoring his first goal. You know, there's there's a lot of good stories going on around here this year with the Blackhawks. That really is all right. Great stuff is always and we will see you come Sunday with Fans. That is gonna be great. I am so excited to see the fans back in the United Center and Boy, it's been a We've really appreciated our opportunity to be here. The WGN studios And at the United Center for the Home Games. But there's nothing like broadcasting in a game live when they there's fans in the United Center, so I'm really looking forward to and I know what's only in a limited capacity. But I think there's gonna be a lot of excitement in the building and for the players just to step out on the ice. And here a little bit of the roar that they would hope to have this season and moving forward is something that I think is really going to be special. Looking forward to it. You will see in a couple nights out there. All right, Thanks. Crest Primary joining us here on the postgame show. Need another break here when we come back. Highlights on 7 20, WGN..

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