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Don't say disparaging things about women i'm sure she was just doing what she was supposed to ensued question for steve ag oh here we go from a listener name jessica it's called on the subject is a question for steve eiji about marijuana although marijuana and health anxiety hello busy hello hello steven busy you guys are awesome and i love your podcast you guys are so nice for saying all this i have a question for steve you said he used to smoke a lotta marijuana do you have any good stories about health scares it happened while you or your friends were high i have come to some crazy conclusions when i was high out of my guard or gored because of my health anxiety and weather them de definitely didn't help me calm down unfortunately i can't really remember any specific antidote anecdotes because my memory isn't so great self smoking marijuana also marijuana is an interesting topic in and of itself lake have you experience withdrawal after quitting heavy marijuana use it's a good thing it's a it's a thing google it do you think your brain functions differently than it used to before you even smoked our scientists going to realize and fifty years that we've all been fucking over our brains connections our brain connections hopefully you bring up bring it up some time in our show i'll be listening thanks for what you guys do and i hope you don't stop anytime soon.

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