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Okay, but one of the is much love, Bo and that era, and I grew up in that era of Michigan football, I'm kinda. I'm kinda over talking about that era because we kinda kept to keep talking about it because the current air hasn't been that good. You know what I'm saying? You know. So it's kind of a double edge sword, but I'm gonna use a Reagan analogy because he was masterful at this one of my all time favorite Reagan clips. I mean, one of them you guys probably know if you're a little older Reagan bombed. The first debate in the nineteen Eighty-four presidential campaign. It was really bad and people like he's old these past his prime. He was the oldest man of. A running for president the second time in a row and the the very next to bait. I think it was in Louisville was the second debate. And the first question the moderator said, hey, Mr President you were really heavily criticized for the performance of your last abate. People thought you were step slow. People thought that your critics have said, you know, maybe you should consider that you're too old for the, you know, for the trials and tribulations of this office in Reagan without missing a beat, says. Well, I want the American people to know that I'm not gonna make age issue in this campaign, which is why I will not stand here and criticise the youth and inexperience of my opponent. And everybody in the auditorium laughed all the moderators. Last Mondale Lateran. Okay. That's an example which Shakespeare used to call hoisting them from their own petard and my favorite example of this of Reagans and you can get this clip on YouTube. You look for it when when Sam Donaldson was the chief White House correspondent for ABC back in the day, and it's the early years of the Reagan presidency and we and and the tax cuts have just been passed and we're mired in a recession. This was eighty one eighty two and Sam Donaldson gets up and ask questions as Mr President. You have said here in railed against tip, O'Neill railed against the Democrats railed against your predecessor, his economic policies for why the economy is struggling to recover during your presidency, sir. You are the president of the United States. Is there nothing about this that you're responsible for? Good question actually, right. And Reagan again without missing beat, looks right at him and says, well, Sam for many years, you're right. I. I should take responsibility for many years. I was a democrat, and so some of this is my fault. That's what I'm talking about right there. If you can flip it around on them, I've done this when people have. You know, when I've done this on television, I'm like, well, you know, I'm gonna have to kind of defer to you and what a lion snivel in fool is. I mean, you're a Clinton voter, so you probably know more about it than me. All right. When you can do that when you can turn their premise around and hoist them from it, because not only is it affected, but it's funny effective and one of the things we're beginning to learn on the right after the left has done this to us for years is if it's funny if you make people laugh, you can be vicious. I totally agree. But I've got one example of this that I've personally used and I'm undefeated at it and it sometimes a little scary because you Steve mentioned yesterday, bringing up the issue of, you know, you did a whole scam about running up the score and some people didn't. You know, they just weren't paying attention. You mentioned the life issue already. Any time they want to instantly and they always do the poach, the pro-abortion movement that the baby killing industry, the break, incest and health of mother. You. Okay. You and I are king for the day. We get to decide that I'll give you that whatever it is one to three percent. You give me everybody else instantly stops the conversation, the deal. They never take the deal. They won't because it's not just about those hard cases. And of course we don't believe those cases on this show, but neither do they and you can point it out in a second. Now, this next commandment number six is when the Republicans abandoned all the time, which is why they're often fighting two front war. Never abandon your base unless they're morally wrong..

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