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You have found the Todd Don show where we are number one and calling out there. Number two. I know what that means now and just a quick reminder. Remember tomorrow is groundhog day. And that means if the groundhog sees a shadow that's five more years of Tom Brady and the NFL my God six oh six and you could jump in here. Five one two eight three six zero five ninety Sowa update you on a couple of roads stories that are going to affect everybody listening residents and activists who support or oppose that big Oak Hill Parkway project. They spoke before Austin city council, which is considering giving textile three point three million dollars for that project. A couch member nicely pull she voted against using the example of I thirty five's construction ourselves out of congestion doesn't work. Then why does building ourselves out of congestion working? Okay. All right. So she doesn't want to build any road. She wants the people of Oak Hill just to continue suffering what they're suffering day to day. Exactly. She wants a poor quality of life. But that's what the people of Oak Hill want because they put her in office nevertheless council approves spending the money on this oh kill Parkway project. And so did the state good. Now, there's another big project in the making the central Texas regional mobility authority. Ask permission from state transportation commission. Dad, tolling lanes to one eighty three north this is between mo- pack and six twenty right textile? Ben Asher says they would be also be adding some general use lanes free lines yesterday project costs are just over five hundred million dollars with the army's contribution of approximately three hundred ninety six million and tech stock contribution of approximately hundred and four million bottom line. It's a lot of money. And although the commission was hesitant to approve the toll road project Commissioner said enough support, but this plan came from local lawmakers city officials and groups dissuade them, well, there's no doubt about it. If you have to use one eighty three hundred daily basis in rush hour, something has to happen. Nobody likes toll road. Really unless you're profiting from it somehow, but you know, what I? You're actually going to have more free lanes. Once they add the two tolling lanes in each direction. So we don't have to complain about. This fact that there's going to be to toiling lanes in each direction on that section of one eighty Eighty-three because they're also adding an additional free laid on top of what you currently have their. Yes. So you have a choice you do have to take the toll at and it's very likely that this project will ease congestion on six twenty. Well, that's the thing. I mean, we we do see it. If let's say, you have a horrible wreck on thirty five which plugs things up in both directions. We see how that overflows into the other major roads around town. So yeah, I think ultimately it may maybe even six twenty might feel this too as well, which it's one eighty three. And that's that could be some good news. So, you know, I don't think there's going to be it ain't gonna hurt traffic. That is for sure it is six awaits and early this morning. A young man in his twenties on one of those rented electric scooters he damn near killed himself. It's morning. Yeah. Riding electric scooter the wrong way on the frontage road near I thirty five and six streets. He was hit by a car. Maybe we should rephrase that he hit a car going the wrong way. Every the scooter rider dad was wrong. In the wrong direction, one o'clock in the morning on a frontage road. It actually looks like a section the frontage road where there's an on ramp to I thirty five. Yeah. Yeah. The dumb dumb dumb thing to do. And maybe some alcohol involved, you know. Yeah. That's that's that's the thing. Okay. That's one thing. We gotta figure out here. We just threw that out there. We don't know that to be a fact, but but that is one thing we've got to think about it's Austin, Texas, a lot of booze downtown. That's what we're in. We're in Austin, Texas loves that. What do we do about that? If you have an intoxicated person on shooter sounds like it's taking care of itself. Well. Serious natural selection. You don't have to worry about it. Yeah. He's the one that made the choice. Everybody thought. I mean, are you surprised? I mean seriously. No, I've been waiting for this not hoping for it. But certainly I've been like, let's let's call them are temper when it comes to the scooters thing we did have a guy on a bicycle that was killed earlier this week by capital hit by capital metro button. And nobody's talking about Bannon bicycles. But everybody's talking about banning the scooters today. Yeah. While the scooters are new, and and and if you buy bikes have been around for hundreds of years writes, my point is people get killed on them time. You put people on bicycles or scooters are on their feet walking were cars belong. Yeah. The potential is there that somebody's going to get killed, no doubt. And if you make that choice more power to, you know, God bless your free world. And whoever this guy was it decided the wrong way at one AM head on into another vehicle while he was on a scooter. Well, you made a choice, my friend. You did I wish you the best. I hope your family's there with you and your recovery just fine. And I hope you survive gotta hope survive. He's in critical condition. This morning. Yeah. It's it's really, and I'll tell you. It's going to be a whole new whole new category for practicing law. That's for sure. All right jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five ninety..

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