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Shotton tour on the right just after the stop is the university of vienna established in thirteen. Sixty five sigmund. Freud studied here so did go off. Mahler gregor mendel. un secretary general. Kurt waldheim and movie director auto promoter on the left immediately opposite is a chunk of the old city wall. It's behind the gilded. Angel and above the wall is an apartment where beethoven lived and composed one sixty in vienna musicians hothouse plots and burgtheater at the stop on the right. Is the neo gothic city hall or rat house. It flies both the flag of europe and the flag of austria. The square in front is a festive site. In the summer. there's a thriving food circus with a huge screen showing outdoor movies operas and concerts in december. The city hall becomes a huge advent calendar with twenty four windows opening one each day as christmas approaches on the left immediately across the street is the burgtheater austria's national theatre locals brag. It's the leading theatre in the german. Speaking world. next door is fayland. This is the only cafe from the original ringstrasse and it still one of the city's finest studying gaza parliament just after the stop. Look to the right. The neo greek temple of democracy houses the australian parliament. The lady with the golden helmet is athena goddess of wisdom on the left opposite. The parliament is the imperial park called the vokes garden with a fine public rose garden. Dr karl renner ring on the right chest after the stop. Our twin buildings facing each other the natural history museum features rocks bones in the history of evolution. The kunsthistorisches museum contains the city's greatest collection of paintings a hefty statue of empress. Maria theresa squats between these hefty museums on the left across the boulevard opposite maria teresa. The arched gate is the only surviving gate of the old town wall. It leads to the huff. Burke the emperor's palace of the five arches. The center was used only by the emperor. Your tour is nearly finished. So consider hopping off at the next stop if you want to visit the hochberg or the kunsthistorisches museum or the natural history museum. king dum doon advanced. Warning our tour ends at the next stop be ready to get off on the way there. Look to the left to find the appealing burg formerly the private garden of the emperor. It's now a public park home to famous statue of mozart just past the park. Look to the right. A statue of the german poet schiller marks the academy of fine arts next to that is the burgh keno. This cinema plays the third man in english language film with a cult following set in postwar vienna. Hey left there's the opera again. Quick jump off the tram and see the rest of the city. Dum you heard the man. This is the end of our tour. We hope you enjoyed this. Ringstrasse at trump tour. Thanks to jeanne. Openshaw the co author of this tour. If you're up for more sightseeing. We have other vienna audio guides. The vienna starts right here at the opera house. There's also a tour of saint stephen's cathedral which is just a few blocks away remember. This tour was excerpted from the rick. Steves vienna guidebook for more details on eating sleeping and sightseeing in vienna referred to the most recent edition of that guidebook for more free audio tours and podcasts and for information about our guidebooks tv shows bus tours and travel gear visit our website at rick. Steves dot com. This tour was produced by cedar house. Audio productions donka. Shane l. feeder zane and for now..

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