President Trump, Orange County, County Department Of Public Health discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Ko Phi News from several members of Southern California's congressional delegation. Have called for the removal of President Trump Democratic congresswoman. The Net paragon from San Pedro says the president has shown that he is unfit for office. The bottom line is that this president is a danger for democracy and the well being of the American people. Democratic Congressman Mark to Kano from Riverside says removal goes beyond taking trump out of office The final days of his term bar, the president from ever holding office again. He is a pox on our democracy. Momenta man has grown in Congress for impeachment. As use of the 25th amendment becomes less likely. The Orange County D. A says cops are getting passed over for vaccination. Todd Spitzer says the O. C health care agency is not prioritizing front line law enforcement for first tier vaccinations, and he claims dentists have jumped over patrol officers in the vaccine line. Spencer goes on to say it needs to get its head screwed on right and properly prioritize those who constantly interact with the public. Health care agency says it's the state that put many non medical emergency responders into Tier one B and the county is still vaccinating Tier one A, which includes law enforcement, dealing with outbreaks in the jails or with the homeless in Orange County, Corbin Carson KO Phi News. The Huntington Beach Mayor, Pro TEM has been barred from a planning meeting for not wearing a mask Councilman Mike Post. He says he supports the mayor. Taking a stand. The public is required to wear a mask to enter the city Hall and City Council chambers when it's open. And if the rules apply to the public there applicable to elected officials and staff equally, Mayor Pro TEM Tito Ortiz has been vocally opposed to wearing a mask. Another councilman, says the mayor doesn't have power to Ban Council members. Move sets up a mask showdown at this year's final official council meeting in two weeks, L. A County Department of Public Health has announced another 218 deaths related to covert 19. It's the third consecutive day the numbers top 200 County also announced another 19,719. New.

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