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Beyond with you like okay. For years and years and years i busted and bitches never got anybody pregnant. It wasn't until. I got off drugs. That i've got my girlfriend pregnant. Thank you. I mean. I have two beautiful children but for fucking good ten fifteen years of my life. I just didn't give a fuck at all. I mean and never happened. But i was also doped up at the time so in reality. 'em swimmers were fucking drunk. They couldn't pantry. No fucking game and that's the reality of a lot of people don't realize that but yeah opiates and all that kinda shit the fuck your body up. Yeah so have fun dude. You're going to do but how many more kids got a fucking die until we wake up to that riady. Do you feel examined. Perks and shit are still like secretly just as popular as they were twenty. Seventeen but people don't brag about is much more troubling aspects of this shit that i've seen personally especially with the fucking total fucking destruction shit. Is that a lot of these kids. Think they're taking real shit and they're not. I mean like. I've lost a lot of these kids. Go letter even fucking like. There's one kid often. The pacman that lived in my house. You know what i mean. He was one of the. I look at it now. It's like i can't trip out. Because i see like fuck your the kind of opened. My eyes to these young mexican kids are fucking popping off here. And i read it. I took them serious. But you know what i mean like. He loved poppinsans. You i mean and unfortunately is the reality is if someone offers you xanax for purchase they have more than a script worth the fucking fake You don't fucking a thousand percocet. You don't got thousands annex the fuck out of here. It doesn't work that way. I thought our heads in seventeen right. It was much easier to get at that point at the bulk level. But i feel like you weren't you weren't getting like i never hear about people getting hit with federal pills until like peeping shit like wasn't that that was kind of the eye opening moment i think will realize especially because it happened in tucson. It was right over the border. I mean i think a lot of people think it really based on that in a sense but it's all coming from china. I mean if you've ever seen that one dude got popped in mexico city the chinese dude fucking gold everything in his house and the whole nine yards. He finally over a hundred million dollars cash in this fucking place as well but chinese infiltration of fake drugs intimate school into united states killed. Musk assuming that people are making their own press pills. There's a lot of white boys in florida. They have the little presses and shit. You know what i mean. Seen that in the past year. I mean think was able to avoid all that shit. I mean a lot of these kids. Don't get it and a lot of times. These kids die not because of the fucking drugs because freaks the fuck out when they pass out and they don't fuck on ambulance. I mean i. I think the whole situation. Yeah meeting and i put a reward out trying to find out i was just all fucked up and i was hurt because i lost my little fucking homey as wanted to figure out what exactly what the fuck happened after speaking with his mother like doing the documentary and all that bullshit. I kind of came to terms with the reality of what had happened was yeah it was a federal death row but if they would've fucked called ambulance immediately we wouldn't be sitting here talking about that shit in the past tense. A lot of these kids seem situation imi but here in here in california thank god. There's a law that if you do call ambulance. They're not they're not gonna fuck with you in terms of the police shit at all is they'll and they'll save your fucking friend and you're not the fucking barrier homeys because you fucking panicked way. Too many white kids to to me. Mexican kids between black is just dying for no fucking reason. I think at knowing so much. Nobody even wants to talk about it but the reality is brought. It's like if you nar can't someone immediately. They're going to survive if you call the ambulance immediately. They're gonna fucking survive. I mean when the paramedics actually got to peop- in that bus they took temperature of his body. He was eighty seven point. One mistake in his mom posted a cryptic message on his on his feet. One time on instagram with actual degree. And what she was trying to save with that pitcher in the degree. I've read some should already people that you look at it. Like this trying to try to like analyze it but the reality is when you die. You're when you're live your body's used around ninety eight degrees every hour after you're dead. It goes down like a degree to regardless of what the temperature in the room is so when we see gusts temperature was eighty. Seven point one. How many fucking hours did that kids sit fucking dead. And then we saw everything from the best video of him dancing in front of not even realized what was going on the was by the time the ambulance got there was already gone. Here's his was eighty seven degrees right. So what he's been sitting there for six seven fucking dead. I mean the documentary like it reflected me the head a little bit because a lot of things kinda left unsaid for legal purposes. Yeah i mean. I kind of walk a tight line with that kind of shittu because still litigation. That's happening right now. But the reality is a lot of people weren't talked about that were management and like you know what i mean. That played a part in this whole situation. Reality is is that gus fucking love drugs. He liked doing drugs and he'll do any drug that was put in front of me at the time of these kids they get into this mode. Where like it's like some cool shit. Just be down to get all fucked up. I mean you see so much. And it's like the peop- thing really broke the situation open of like how much to the grownups in the room. Have blood on their hands. When this kind of thing happens how do you feel about how that lawsuit is gonna play in. Do you think. I mean at this point. It becomes financial battle because the reality is like alive. You would have been worth. How much bro. Like like blows my fucking mind. The traction he was getting like in reality liamine like he would have been the biggest artists i think in the world at this point nine and trying to blow his like blow them up like that but the reality is he was very representative a lot of different cultures. His grandfather was a rhode scholar. That brewed books about manasseh. That shit like that so like he definitely had a different understanding of a world view the most these other artists. You know what i mean. You saw attraction that was happening. I mean shit. He was walking major fashion shows and the whole nine yard. He really getting that. Full fucking like exposure. That have rarely rarely see a kid. Get yeah i mean. I don't think there's a lot of kids can even pull this shit off. In a certain order to umbro. It was like his music. Didn't get as big as we. Everybody kind of felt like it could but then meanwhile why introduce them and he. I mean when i introduced my in purposes with that meaning was c. Start writing these big ass records. And i think you saw the big change. I love the fans disagreed with the direction. It was kind of going at that point as well hammy makoni beyond with the..

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