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My behalf. That's because President Obama's very smart, man. And he understands politics he understands our system. Well, a real president. Worked with congress both houses as they're writing a Bill as they're going through the process and the leverage. And I mean, though, only leverage the president has when negotiating with the two hours of congress over whatever the Bill is that being go jaded is to say this is what I'm willing to sign. This is what I'm not willing to sign if you put this in here, this one thing that's a dealbreaker. That's in there. I'm vetoing the Bill. I don't care. What else is in it? Right. This is how presidents that goes normal presidents negotiate with congress. This supposed to do it during the process. So that when the process ends everybody knows what is in there and everybody is agreed. If you're if you're a normal American if you're if you're a patriot. Okay. And if you're a patriot you also understand that once congress passes a Bill and the presidency. Whoever happens to be there for a moment to moment. The presidency has signed it that is the law, right and many bills passed one house of congress and don't pass the other right? And they go nowhere right to get to be a law. You've got to have the exact identical Bill passed both houses of congress and get signed by the you-know-who. And then it's the law. What Republicans often complained about with President Obama was that he was inventing the law on his own, right? John Boehner was always complaining about President Obama and his phone and his pen. He's talking about his phone and his pen. Right. And that's what John Boehner was then speaker of the House Republican was he kept talking about he's talking about his phone and his pen. When President Obama did.

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