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Essentially flexed on the United States today, Basically, the armed citizenry of the United States said if you want to go with this whole second Amendment thing, you know, try to take on your government. You better bring f fifteens and nuclear weapons. Wow, the president of the United States of America, said that to his armed citizenry Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? We're coming for you. I dare you step up. Step up. Yeah, I'll take you behind the be leaders in high school, and I'll just pommel You. Uh um Yeah, This is not a good thing. I mean, no taunting the American people over our God given a constitutionally enshrined Second Amendment rights, you know the left. This is what they've come to. They got a C now old man yelling at the American people to give me your guns. But this is the rationale James T. Harris, Aside from threatening the American people, essentially, don't you uprise as we got the bombs, as Denis Leary used to say in his No cure for cancer album. But this is the rationale was like, well, you can't take on the government so therefore we can limit the size and scope of the firearms that you're allowed to purchase. No more rifles. No more What they call high capacity magazines, which the Democrats means everything over 10 rounds so that it actually means anything over five. Probably. But they know that no one will go for that, because there are no five round magazines that I know of. So that's I'm sure there are. But you know that that why get one that small, But that's the point, James T. Harris, You're getting an inside view of not just the Second Amendment and the Democrats limits on it. But all the other amendments as well. Okay, So is this going to happen through executive order, or is this something that he's putting out there that they're going to have to force through Congress? They've got to go through Congress. That's what somebody can do through executive order. Yeah, it's not gonna happen. Encourage local legislators to do the same. He also tried the whole nonsense about, uh, the mayor's are saying that the gun violence in their city is our guns coming from outside. Of their jurisdiction. That just proves that it's actually the person and not the gun. See what's amazing about the timing here is, I think they're just a tad bit too late. Um, if this would been going down, maybe at the beginning of the of the administration, or maybe it's just that President Trump got in the way of it, But we're used to violence in the streets now, so used to it that you have everyday Americans going out to arm themselves. People who never thought about doing that. Now we're going out in arming themselves. So all of this bluster about is the gun's fault and all this kind of stuff It's really falling on. I think a majority of deaf ears because people realize or, you know, know that this is just talk. All they can do is talk. But when it comes down to really Curtailing our rights. If it has to go through the Congress, which is hapless anyway, it's not going to get done. And if it does get done, That's because you have more Republicans capitulate, and if those couple Republicans do do that, they're going to be gone. That's the sentiment. I'm reading from the American people. I agree with that James T. Harris, but it does expose the Democrats as the party of symbolism because they say a lot of words just like they did with the voting rights. And what happened yesterday in Washington. With the Senate voting on it, everyone knew was going to fail. Everyone knew before the People Act wasn't gonna get past the Filibuster, so they wanted to create this opportunity to raise money to talk about the filibuster and to talk about voting rights. One dude on MSNBC went as far as you'll love this. America is now an apartheid state is essentially what he said, because they didn't pass the voting Rights Act. Yeah, and I just got two words for them. Sheldon White House. Yeah, Yeah, sorry. Every charge every time a Democrat from now on talks about something being racist or or apartheid or Jim Crow Children White House until you deal with what's going on in your own backyard. You talk about systemic racism until you deal with that. Don't talk to me. You're They have absolutely blown their argument completely apart with this guy, because because it's absurd, and I think I really do believe with that in the pushback that's going on in public schools. I'm going to another school board meeting tonight. I think that parents are awake. And the games that they left their plane or should say their strategy is going to have to change because there that this is losing we we at Russell and Hunter referred to him as Senator Sheldon White Club. Yeah. Sheldon White Club is what he has been referred to as now It's finally happening has been announced today because the time Is finally appropriate. Kamila Harris is going to be heading to our southern border for a little visit because now meaning before Trump gets there, the time is appropriate, is it? It's exciting. We called this the moment Trump announced that he was going to to to Texas on the 30th. It became the over under or the before or after this camera. Go before or does she go after she's got too much to lose to go after? But this again is the brilliance. Trump making that announcement. It forced the Biden administrations hand and even though the media uh is cut trump off, you know we got social media cutting him off. There's no way the media who is suffering and ratings, CNN, MSNBC. There's no way they would be able to ignore Trump on the border. So they calculated. They figured this out, and now you've got Kamila going down, and that's going to have a backfiring effect. I believe, because now you have commonly going there after months of pressure, so it looks bad. The Optics of it alone or, like, Oh, now the vice president's going Now it's convenient for her to do so..

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