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True cartoons are more confident car buying experience I'm a more going on Kayley newsradio Colorado's news traffic was today with a high of eighty nine tonight mostly clear with a low around sixty in tomorrow sunny with a high in the upper eighties with Wednesday's high topping ninety up to ninety three on Thursday and ninety two on Friday right now mostly sunny skies we've got eighty degrees in centennial the trump administration's announcing a new rule today that will make it more difficult for immigrants to get a green card Ken Cuccinelli the acting director of the U. S. citizenship and immigration services says the new rule which goes into effect in mid October will make it harder for some to get a green card this rule will cover for USCIS almost four hundred thousand people a year whose applications to become legal permanent residents will include a meaningful analysis of whether they're likely to become a public charge or not legal immigrants to use Medicaid food stamps or other forms of public assistance will be evaluated along with other factors such as education and household income to determine whether to grant them a green card at the White House John decker fox news no cancer connection between people with the disease and the work environment at metro state that's the result of an investigation that started with a number of people working in the same building on the array area campus were diagnosed with cancer today I miss you officials will provide more details at a three o'clock town hall meeting at the king center concert hall as the water warms up this summer it is getting more dangerous for growth of blue green algae is happening in water across the country including multiple cases.

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