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To which penn dietrich replied yes and i've probably watched greater than four thousand of noelle's career minutes people mistake as body language for lack of effort because he moves like an insect that's route this guy defending dallas sports who came back knowns constantly missed assignments was in the wrong place on the floor and made mental mistakes nobody mistook that for anything especially brick we know that we know you made mental okay how i feel like that happens a lot in football to like this guy was supposed to run this route like why the fuck do you know what maybe or back was wrong and when those people get called out when when the ride share was like no i ran the correct route that yep i was supposed to run straight they're looking me running straight yeah we're going to if you watched rick coach for any length of time you know being in his doghouse as a very real thing and i said not disputing carlisle's dog outs but minutes were joke from the jump and that's when ben rogers quote tweeted that and said so which is it he wasn't playing because he was in carlisle's doghouse or there was a massive organization conspiracy underway to hold him back personally while also trying to win games nice knock not that complicated mavs gave no l lousy minutes because he took the qualifying offer his response to the lack of playing time may have irritated carlisle and doubts care about winning to which ben rogers said wrong and then a whole lot of other words.

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