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Coming down very lightly, but blue skies starting to re emerge. Tyler Stevenson, drawing a one out walk. He's aboard. And now Tyler Sequin will stand in. And Now a towel for John Gant as he tries to dry off his hands and the glove and good luck while it's still raining. What plate umpire Scott Barry says. Let me borrow that. You sat on home plate, clean it off. Looks like Gan is a bit flustered. I'm sure he's not really happy with the Home run that Winker hit, but he's pointy point. He was pointing to the mound. Now he's trying to Do a bit of man manicuring out there himself. Sometimes you just have to get over the the rain that's in play and Be a little mentally tough. Well, these fields now the grounds crews know so much about how to maintain dirt and the clay mixture on the mound that The fields are actually designed. To withstand a lot of water. I'm not talking about the grass. I'm talking about the actual dirt. The pitch to Tyler Nay Quinn is up and away and the count is one ball and no strikes. So In theory, they should be able to take a lot of rain and you should still be able to maintain your footing. Whether you're on the mound or Around the infield. Can't get the sign. Now sets and deals to make one One old pitch and an underwater swing in the rain is a strike on the outside edge off the plate, and it's one and one, and now the rain starting to pick up once more, and I got to imagine if the rain picks up again like it was a moment ago. I have to stop right One ball one strike on Nike win any ball in any gap. Is going to skip to the wall, especially with the rain we've seen thus far. Can't pauses, pitches, the 11 and it's down and in, but you also have to imagine that they want to try to play through it if they can, because you'd hate to see either team or both burned their starters, especially The Reds when they haven't even taken the field yet. Why a lot of times you'll see a game delayed even if it's not necessarily raining yet at first pitch That's knocking on the door step. They don't want to get the game started, burn a couple of starting pitchers and then have to delay it. Here's the 21 pitch camp to Quinn. And he swings and Yanks it foul right side. Two balls. Two strikes on Nike one runner on first base, Tyler Stephen Sidney drew a one out walk. We'll use that slider in as he just through the neck win and come right back with.

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