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This is cnn breaking news i won't blitzer in the situation room we're following breaking news shooting in the newsroom the capital gazette newspaper in annapolis barrel and police say at least five people were killed and multiple people were injured wounded many of them severely and that the shooter is now in custody c n n's brian todd is on the scene for us there in annapolis ryan first of all update our viewers on the very latest what are you hearing wolf we are hearing one shooter is in custody police believe that is the only shooter involved in this incident they have cleared the building from a tactical standpoint behind me meaning they don't believe there are other shooters they're still searching making sure they're no explosives in the building as you mentioned five fatalities confirmed there could be more confirmed later not clear on that they say there are multiple people injured a key piece of information that just came out was that the shooter is not cooperating at least did not cooperate initially with law enforcement that's according to a law enforcement source of the shooter was apparently found with no idea on him according to one source told cnn the shooting occurred in the newsroom of the capital cassette here in an apples but law enforcement or not giving many details on that we do know five fatalities at least at this hour multiple people wounded the shooter at least initially wolf did not cooperate and another key piece of information tonight that we just learned from law enforcement and city officials here in annapolis is is that this shooting appear to have been interrupted by police multiple law enforcement officials telling us that police got here within about sixty seconds after the shooting began and then apparently something was something happened to interrupt that shooting they would not give details of that and they would not give details about whether gunfire was exchanged between law enforcement and the shooter but according to their accounts of this shooting was interrupted by law enforcement arriving within about sixty seconds of when this started wolf heart brian i want you to stand by you know you're getting more information it's been almost two hours since this incident occurred and police now and local authorities are beginning to provide details very shocking details i must say i want to bring in our experts former fbi supervisory specialization josh campbell and former cia counterterrorism official phil mudd josh first of all what did you what have you heard from thirties at that press conference that really stands out to you well three quick things well first of all being obviously authorities continue to search the building top to bottom they're trying to determine you know are there other people there who might have been injured that's textbook they're going to do that so although you know sadly we've seen that number of the cease now sadly at five police will obviously continue to search the termine whether other casualties well we'll hear about that secondly there was this question which we've been reporting on for about the last half hour and that is what were the circumstances surrounding the shooter being taken into custody and obviously we've seen a number of these incidents where a shooter is either engaged by law enforcement and his killed or kills himself in this case the subject was taken into custody and one thing that stands out to me from the press conference is that he was transported directly to the police station in order to be interrogated which says that he wasn't injured he didn't need to be taken to.

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