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All right welcome back. We'll talk radio nikki with you here on the sports byline brokaw's network and siriusxm as well as iheart radio tune in the award winning sirius. Xm app the american forces radio network. And if you miss any part of the show you can always catch it at our podcast network. Which is the believe l. e. v. Podcast network or anywhere. That you listen to your podcast. When that's apple podcasts spotify. You'll find me. I'm there i'm with you each and every weeknight six. Pm pacific nine eastern then again on sports overnight america. You can find me at midnight. Pacific three am east coast so most widely distributed soccer show on the planet. And i'm here for you every day. Find me on twitter at keybase. And i see kgb. Find me on facebook. Facebook dot com for slash will radio we presented by bet online dot ag speaking of bet online dot ag. We've been going through my primarily. Picks for the weekend we saw segment went through the saturday picks. I gave you some of the some of the values in these games of course courtesy a bed online dot. Ag soap for yesterday. I was out of two which is not great to to the pardon me. I was two for four which is not great Somebody they'll slightly better. Let's just say if you will with me on sunday. You might have new ferrari so let's just leave it right there. Of course. I always want you to bet responsibly. Have fun with it until make it a lifestyle. Let's go down the list. Showy because the next match on sunday was at the hawthorns where west bromwich albion hosting a crystal palace and this game started off a really badly for west brom with an own goal right at the beginning of the game. They cut it back though. In the thirty th minute with connor gallagher scoring but then it went past shaped matteis pereira getting a red card in the thirty four. Th minute and from that point onwards when you are up against players like czar and ben tech and your west bromwich alvian. You are in big trouble and that is exactly what happened now. What i predicted this game. I could not have predicted a red card. Because that's always very you know. Generally one doesn't predict that. Sorta stuff but west brom have one win on the season. They were coming off that massive game at the hawthorns where they beat. Sheffield united one. They'll say massive game. I know you kinda rolling your eyes to crappy teams right now. Lee them scoring goals conceded more goals than exists on the planet. And but this was a huge game because they will both winless and they were both at the bottom of the table so it was a huge three points for west bromwich albion crystal palace came into the game of a back of a two game losing streak losing to burnley who are in the relation zone zone and you call so united so one would have thought if you were west brom. You're looking. They're saying this is. Let's get another three points. Let's take us to nine. This gets out of the drop zone. The red card killed an crystal palace with two goals from zohar two goals from ben tech plus the own goal. They killed at five one big victory away at the hawthorns palace and they win plus one sixty one. I told you they were going to win. They did There's a down payment right there. Well done let's move on next match. Sheffield united leicester city chef. I don't know what's going on with the blades right now. I do know actually Last year they were promoted and they made a decision that they were going to. I want to say that the year before this is my thought process some swirling. I wanna say the year before that. They were the high scoring team in the championship. And i can check that in the break but they have this chemistry and they have this squad and they didn't really invest in premier level players. But they did okay. They had a really bad end of the year last year. I think they lost lost three or four games in a row but other than that. They were competing. They were playing good football. They will look like they belonged in the premier league. But i think it was a mirage because ultimately this team just doesn't have the quality and after eleven matches they have one zero. They have lost every single match but one they have one point out of eleven. That's one point out of thirty three. It's almost getting too late at this point for them. It's going to take an almighty turn around and one would think they're either going to have to make a decision. Are we just going to write the season off. Go back down to the championship next year. Or are we willing to invest. Maybe looking how weak west brom burnley possibly fulham out. Although i think fulham look pretty good could look maybe a brighton. And say you know if we invest a little bit. We stand a chance of escaping the chop. That's going to be that choice. That decision but either way they lose to last at home not surprising lester. A good squad as we know and it was a great way for less to break the little two game losing streak they were on albeit one of those two losses. Was that definitive defeat. They had at the hands of liverpool Next match the north london tarbey. I don't really know what to say about this match except that also just woeful. They are a horrible team. They have very little quality. I don't know how good it is. Because i don't think he has much of anything to work with that. This is this club is a shadow of its former self and with each one of the cheapest owners in sports with stan kroenke. Things do not look good for arsenal. I'm sorry goodness crying. T a beer. In a comparison between tottenham hotspur an arsenal there was only one team playing..

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