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The the expectation for this team is they're going to be a training camp in less than three weeks it's it was three weeks from yesterday sal capuccio pointed out yesterday that the bills are five weeks from a preseason game now they're less than five weeks from a preseason game so you have a bills team that's plus four fifty to make the playoffs that puts them in second in the division but it does put them with that monster that is new england and for the bills to make the playoffs if they were to do that this year everybody would be happy it would be probably better than last this wrong if they make the playoffs this year it would be then you wouldn't have the drought to get rid of but i want to say it would be better than last year for two reasons and i guess you feel this way if you have like a longer view of the team in where they're going and generally that's what we do right if we're talking about the bills it's not just talking about this week's game it's talking about their longterm vision what they wanna do it can be and if i think about the bills making the playoffs this year it probably means a few things if it's with josh allen at the helm then this this place will probably be bonkers like when tara taylor in the bills make the playoffs that was great but didn't we all kind of know they were moving on from him and that maybe they weren't that good they're about to go through a bunch of changes and they've done that they've gone through serious changes they are a team that went to the playoffs last year and yet to win the super bowl they are eighty to one to give you a comparison i pointed this out i mean this is not a major surprise to me but they're eighty to one by comparison the sabers to win the stanley cup are sixty six to one so there are two teams in town one of them made the playoffs the other one finished in dead last and the team that is in dead last has a better chance to win this the respective trophy according to at least you know the the oddsmakers now we all know that the odds aren't exactly predictive it's just about where you're trying to get people to bet but my my point is what the bills did last year was like they make the playoffs and then decide like all right we got it out of the way now we start from here kinda it's almost as if they missed the playoffs and decided we've got to try this a totally different way without changing their head coach obviously the change of quarterback they draft one high they move up to do it the commit to a future with josh allen that makes it where we're all just in a spot waiting for him to start and for allen he comes in with pressure expectation i there's not much help on the offense for him it's almost like this season is going to be a little bit like the sabers season except if the bills struggle i think it'll be forgiven a little bit especially if it's the kid all you're gonna all you're gonna get from alan this year all you're going to need from allen this year is flashes show this fan base why you were drafted seventh older off show this fan base why this team moved up for you and that's not just for allen that's for being that's for bryant able that's for sean mcdermott you know the the the the guys that are making the decisions down there last year they're getting a lot of credit for trading away a bunch of guys that had talent but didn't fit in according to the bills get a lot of credit for that and that's to be commended they they they made the playoffs as i was driving in this morning thinking about this i thought how it's pretty clear at least i think if you step back it's kind of clear that they didn't think that was going to happen right they didn't think they were gonna make the playoffs because they launched into a plan set out the year before which was to draft a young quarterback if they if they thought they were gonna make the playoffs i feel like you want to build on that and you want to not necessarily keep tyrod taylor but you just you probably say hey this team is good just like we thought it would be let's continue to improve.

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