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It was scheduled for august. It is now back on for march eighteen through twenty in memphis. Same schedule everything. Just go to amazing ribs dot com slash memphis the only conference in the world for barbecue lovers backyard barbecue It should be a lot of fun. We've got some good speakers and the other pit of inflammation is is. We broke the seventeen thousand member mark on the pit master club and that now makes us the largest barbecue association in the world. We are officially larger than kcbs. Now that probably won't last. Kcbs lost a lot of members last year. Because of covid. And i'm sure they'll come back and pass us but for this shining moment we are bigger than kcbs. Look at this guy. Congratulations meet had You can help further the cause if you are not a member of the pitmasters club by shocking less than twenty five dollars for membership over the course of the year and have access to all sorts of great information and message boards and all that stuff meathead. Thanks so much and we will see you in june. Always good to talk to you greg. And the central lights there is meat head from amazing ribs. Dot com swath. Seventeen thousand members right there. Look at meathead. Go bigger than kcbs right now. That means it's probably seven or nine times bigger than nba right. Maybe fifteen times. Bigger than than bbq. It anyway. you can find meathead right here on the second tuesday of the all talk to you. Quickly about cosmo's q. Based out of. Oklahoma cosmo's queues. Ben providing both backyard and competition cooks world championship. Level rubs sauces. Injection soaps and brian exclusive wing. Dust is also available on the market right now. Best of all the products are made right here. The states with all natural ingredients cosmos q. continues to break new ground and the rub seasoning sauce and injection world. The results proven not only on the competition trail year after year but also proven in the backyard as well or more backyard warriors looking to step up that barbecue game and take it to the next level no better or easier way to do that than by picking world championship sauces objection to marinades. And that's exactly what happens when you choose cosmo's q. Not only is the barbecue game cover but they have that grilling game covered as well. Whole out of products to help amp up that part of your outdoor cooking repertoire. By the way cosmo's knows that thinker to about grilling after all he is a world championship. Steak cook head on over to cosmos cues website right. Now cosmo's with a k. The letter q dot com. That's cosmo's k. The letter q dot com as you checkout use promo code spring. Bbq ten all one word. Do it together. Spring bbq ten and that will get you ten percent off your tire. Order at cosmo's q. All the products that you want injections marinade the rubs the wing dust which i'm falling in love with each day. You could save ten percent off. The entire order was spring bbq tant. We've run a little bit over. We will go ahead and catch up. Then get over to the second hour stick around. We will be right back continuing to produce incredibly mediocre content in an exceptionally professional way. You're listening and watching the barbecues central show once again. Here's your host. Greg ramp and this portion of show being brought to you by fireball to firebird to drive and firebird to fro monitor up to six different temperatures simultaneously connect to wi fi for cloud based monitoring or connect via bluetooth. If you have a lecture google assistant your home. You're in luck because firebird fully grade with both find out more by visiting firebird dot com or call eight one six nine four five two to three to steve the chat room the greg mr thermo works his restaurant stake. Just give cooking instructions by time. Technically yes steve. However and i say this with peace and love to love peace and love through the time i learned how to cook those bubba burgers medium heat. Four minutes and fifteen seconds. I many handfuls of times i was using my thermos pen to make sure that they were at a temperature that i felt comfortable with and at that point it was just time. So i'm giving you time now but it has also been thurgau worked. Fear not by the way i have breaking news. We have to push off the embedded correspondent segment at least another month for shooting the ruth chris plates five hundred degrees simply because the ruth chris. Here in cleveland has closed. Gotta wait until. I got on columbus next month at the top of the bunk so we will have it except it will be at the end of june and not the end of may. Let's go ahead and break for the second hour and bridge top and then we will get to jerk charcoal after that stick around. We'll be right back..

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