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And so what do the middle of the field defenders look like for the giants. And are they any good? They're not in in to be succinct. Obviously they've got other concerns on the defense as well. And as you mentioned if Becher decides to play a lot of man coverage or to really try to take away the middle of the field. He's going to have to send help because right now the players that the the New York Giants have over the middle of the field or not particularly good. I think this is another game where George Kittle plays really, really. Well, particularly because the New York Giants have Alec Ogle tree and BJ Goodson at linebacker and particularly Ogle tree. I've been on him since he was with the Rams I think he is a he is remarkably overrated in really it's it's all because of a hard knocks with the Rams, and they did wonderful job of hyping him up because they've got to create a. Storyline somehow and not surprisingly, she soon as Sean McVay gets there. He finds a way to get Alec Oba SRI out of there. He simply not very good. And and he does a wonderful job of appearing to be good in in sort of his around the ball a lot. But he makes what I like to call sort of cleanup tackles, which is not a linebacker that fills downhill sits in the gap at the line of scrimmage. It makes tackles this is a linebacker that makes tackles six or seven yards down the field after he's already missed. And so he's in technically getting tackle stats in the numbers might look good. But they're wildly inflated by generally four play right now. He just sat out there last game. He's hurt. But the they're sort of backups aren't particularly good either J Goodson the couple years in the league. But overall a very underdeveloped player. And then the other players that they'll play will be rookies as well. So overall in terms of match up advantage just player to player in where the forty Niners can find success over the middle of the field. I I have to participate this Shanahan is licking his chops. And some of these throws might not be directly tied to over the middle. But when those players can't you mentioned Leon hall earlier being able to drop into that that sort of hooked coverage zone and moons being able to throw a ball over him. A really impressive throw. He might not even have to make quite as impressive throws this week. Because those players those underneath players if they're these inside linebackers for the New York Giants, they can't get the they just they are not going to be able to run with George Kittle almost anywhere on the field. And I think the forty Niners if they're looking at a match up that they can exploit whereas Becher might say, okay. We're going to be able to sort of scare this rookie effective rookie, obviously, not a rookie. But more more or less. Nick Mones is a rookie a new player getting on the field facing a blitz and facing some pressure to try and throw him off his game, the forty Niners going to be able to counter that by going directly at the New York Giants inside linebackers, and what's interesting about Molins game against the raiders is that he really had. Success on in the middle of the field. He didn't really have a ton of throws out on the edges and the when you look at his throws on the edge of specifically in the intermediate areas so ten to nineteen yards outside the numbers. He didn't complete a pass he was offered to to the left side and over two on the right side. A lot of his damage was done in the short area of the field or in the middle of the field. And that's where I think if I were Becher I would probably force Mullins to the edges to the outside, especially if you're going to test his arm. I mean, there was a play that was incomplete that Mullins through in the in the raiders game. Where I mean, it was probably a little too far inside. It looked like it just didn't have enough zip to get out there to the outside shoulder for the wide receiver. And if I'm a defensive back, I'm licking my chops. Because if you throw if you try to throw in outside route, and the only place you can't throw that ball is inside if you're gonna miss miss out wide, and it was a little on the inside..

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