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Three. Nothing clean. Sweep it in all those games. Where was Kwai Blake? Griffin was everywhere. They also had standing. Johnson gave one, though. But Bruce Brown and Kawhi Leonard, the young gritty Bruce Brown. Could he do anything in school? I learned that in that playoff series, I doubt it. Kwai Lin is a different animal. There's different. There's different levels from regular season to these playoffs and Kaleigh. Leonard is a different animal when it comes to the playoffs for ashore. Yeah, I think it's important to mention Member a couple years ago 2016 The Pistons make a playoff run Their 1 44 and 38. They swept the calves that year. The and that's what ended up playing in the postseason. Exactly What difference between LeBron James Oh, yeah, that's a good point. LeBron in the postseason abroad in the postseason is a different animal. But same with any Great team in the playoffs. They can turn it up a notch, and I think I would consider the rafters a great team. Now there's no LeBron on the rafters. But they have Kawai, who is pretty darn good himself. And a guy that has won an MBA championship in a guy I'm guaranteeing. Well, turn it on an extra notch. Once the playoffs come around, so I wouldn't I think they could get a game. I think the Pistons could win, maybe a game three at all CIA, but that's gonna be a tough. Siri's also picked up Mark Castle, which was huge for him as well. That's an upgrade from a valanciunas seaq and look like a future star in this league complain and It's just different. So can we blame all of the losses in the previous years in the playoffs on just Kyle Lowry and DeRozan? We do have their coach. Is he part responsible for some of it? And so we never know. So hope Not. So we don't play Philly Bottom line. If you play Philly, this is really a disaster. Way. Play with them. Just don't want you right now. We're in. It looks like we're Yeah. Gonna be if I had to guess, because Brooklyn has an incredibly tough schedule for the last seven games or whatever it is so Right now, I think all like the projections, which don't really mean a whole lot. But all the projections have the Pistons finishing at six and have the Sixers finishing at three so that could turn out to be a disaster. But at the same time I think it would kind of be fun to watch Joel and Andrea go at it. And maybe that'll be a good test for Andre, because if he can show something in that Siri's than maybe he's made some significant improvements. Now if he goes in And let's Joel, uh, buy a house inside of his head. Then you know it's the same All Andre and he hasn't made much progress. So that'll be a good barometer for for Andre. I believe, and we make a good ratings. Definitely for the for the networks between entree and Joe while they go out every game in game and even the postgame interviews, Andre calling him out a couple years back, saying You can't compare me to a man that can't play a back to back to well. The next game, Andrea picks up his second team. He's out of there and enjoy lt's waving the Detroit crowd so that we're great playoff serious. Don't watch just between those two guys. But bottom line is The final scores are to be ugly, and that's that's not what this city needs, especially the Lions, the Tigers and the Red Wings. Also being a dumpster fire. They need something to cheer for right in this city. They definitely need something to cheer for so they could draw Toronto they could draw Indiana Mean, highly definitely dry India at this point, But if that could happen this city could I. I think that we'll be seeing a different kind of animal in the L. C, especially when it comes to a crowd size. That's what the city needs, especially into tree with all the other. Professional sports teams. College seems besides Michigan State really not putting in Matt, What's your take out? I mean, the pistons need Ah, do some income postseason time, right? Oh, definitely. I mean, we hope as us fans like we hope to get Indiana maybe, like squeak. Gotta Siri's and maybe make it to the second round, but As long as we like, put up a good fight like I remember in 2016 when we played Cleveland, I wasn't really even though we got swept like I wasn't disappointed in a team. I was actually really proud of. The team for not being in the play offs for so long and for us given given Cleveland LeBron James and the Cavs a good fight every single game every game came down to the wire. So I was I was not disappointed in the Pistons that also if they could do that. Even if they get swept somehow if we play Philadelphia, Toronto, But if we make if we don't get blown out I'm proud of the team. If that happens, and 16 it was like it was a different feel, because they're younger they had on Andre was like what 21 years old. At the time, Reggie was healthy. They had told bias, then all of a sudden Get Blake Griffin and all the sudden you're out of the playoff contention. But now I think that I'm proud of this team this year. So far, I mean, we were high on them to start the year on this show, then when they completely fell off or out of the playoff race, it was just a huge kind of a wave of Yeah. Now, now they're kind of Ah. I know it's still it's still a race right now. Orlando and Orlando's down one at halftime and Ah, in Indiana and their a game the game behind the Pistons as the eighth seed that scare me. Orlando's a good team at all, but and you got you got Brooklyn was 1/2 game behind us there. Going in on the Boston Celtics. Right now. They're up 17. So I mean This race is still a race if I mean 678 sees the nine seeds are all solidified by game and 1/2. So ah! Don't count any teams out right now. I mean, Charlotte's still trying to make a run right now. So what's going to be the biggest key for the Pistons drew moving down the stretch and closing out this year with the final seven games..

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