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In fact, the truth is that the disease is transmitted by the transfer of blood, and it's. In that sense, quite hard to get but the room among Garing can easily get in the way, all the kind of sensible prevention measures than the detection measures, and then the treatment measures, which are effective just for the benefit of your listeners. They'll be pleased to know that the vaccine that's being developed is ninety seven percent effective. The difficulty is that in the effective communities is only being taken by about ninety percent of people ten percent who haven't had the vaccine that our greatest risk of contracting. That out of reluctance are they afraid of vaccine or has it not reached them? There's real fear, and it's the refusal of people and the concern of people about coming forward as being the primary issue, obviously, though, the danger is that the longest disease goes on the more people travel and people who are infected, but don't yet know it a spread the disease, and that's why there's real concern. Not just about the situation in between. Bo whether there's a billion people on west services of being suspended because of attacks on health facility. But also in Goma here in where I am the weather disease hasn't yet been detected, but there's a dangerous spreads in so prevention measures are absolutely essential. I want you to visualize how this works on the ground. I mean, there's kind of a war going on there's violence, and you're trying to deal with an Bola crisis. So how does it work how to medical workers go find the people to educate about Bill and bring them in or do do people have to voluntarily come in and be tested. How does it actually work in this conflict zone because of the very heavy military presence that exists both from the twenty on groups in Potenza itself? Probably sixty here in the eastern Democratic Republic, Congo never mind, the government schools is you have a heavily militarized situation, which of course, allows all sorts of rumors to fly around and gets in the way of humanitarian work that is obvious essence separate from any military activity. So how are people getting to the facility? To be tested and treated people go about that, quote, unquote, normal life. They are able to get the two health centres if they're established the difficulty is that these centers can be targeted by various of the armed actors. And that's what we've seen the psalm frontier group withdrew the staff in February of because of the targeting of an treatment center, we've had three health centers burned down because of a full through most about what we would doing. And obviously that means that that enormous stress on the stuff that we've go in over fifty treatment centers that have been continuing to run. But frankly, even this week while I've been here there was a shootout in Tembo yesterday, which means that our staff are extremely worried about whether all the health facilities that bad running a gonna be the next to be targeted. You mentioned the vaccine that's very effective. Have you been able to come back at the rumor mongering about? It to expand its application is there a company public health campaign. That's trying to sort of persuade people that this is a good thing. Our experiences that that it's trusted local members of the community. Local community groups local leaders to absolutely key to combating. The rumor mill the great danger at the moment is that health service is a wound down because of the violence. And then the voter outbreak is out of control because the in April of four hundred cases of evola were found that's the fourth largest monthly total in history in any response and with services now suspended, including some services for the lab testing of particular of individual cases, the great danger is that the caseload rises without it being assess probably monitoring properly treated, David Miller band heads, the International Rescue Committee is a former UK foreign secretary. He joined us from. In Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thanks a lot David. Thanks very much. Indeed..

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