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They would blip up like factoid suo. yeah yeah it was during The young price on one when he when gene wilder marty feldman says while wilder walk this way. The blip comes up. That was where aerosmith got the idea for. Walk this really. I did not know that. Why didn't flip that popped up. Hell inspired marty. Feldman and mel brooks inspired aerosmith. That's nuts yeah like you would think that would be the last that would inspire one of the most iconic rock songs of all time you know. Of course that's one of the most iconic films of all time to and. I just remember reading about that movie. And how mel brooks and gene wilder but it heads so much not that movie the because they just had like such different ideas other they wanna dealer religion law. There was more. Let's do like frankenstein like more of a dry humor. The brooks nahmad slapstick. All the way. Yeah he was more on the silly slapstick but feldman did so well with aegis amazing in the back they would not take his meds. And la's is go for. That is pretty nuts. Like he actually. I was in a bank. Call one for the braves. And i wrote entitled called marty feldman and his crazy is. That's awesome dude. I have a. I have a coworker. Who obsessed with mel brooks and gene wilder. And i always love talking to him about about you. Know their movies and such works because they had different takes on humor. Yeah and if i remember correctly wasn't young frankenstein wasn't that gene wilder idea like that was his thing. And then i thought. I remember reading reading or watching something about how mellberg's kinda you know or maybe it was like i said maybe it was just the fact that they didn't they much it was g. Bother idea was pretty much all him not watch. Mel brooks his knee which is broke one of his movies And i really think it all came down to. He just wanted mel brooks his name and everything and they were good they were. They were friends. You know helping put together and everything. It's amazing that he is still alive. Let's see he's always going to be in the nineties. Yeah he was born in one thousand nine hundred ninety six. So that's pretty owns robinson. That's right. I forgot about that. Yeah so he's ninety four yeah con. That's not man. I feel like we talk about classic movies all day. This is awesome real talk. I don't know if you know real talk but there they're sorry go ahead their bases patrick Pat is also huge movies. Him constantly going back and forth about movies. That's so cool. yeah it's just. It's not too often. That i meet someone else around my age. That has watched a lot of the same old films that i've watch all into it too. You know so. I like i get all giddy like any thirty. I guess anytime. I get that opportunity. You know that community theater of a few good men walls and yes. I mom's favorite movie. So that's one of the ones that he'd be hanging our wall here soon. Okay cool yeah i. I did that when i was nineteen. I got to play You know lieutenant kathy. Tom cruise and that was so much fun. And yeah it was with a community theater group. And what what was interesting. Is that when the start of the production They had decided that they were going to omit the foul language the f. bombs and all that stuff and then i can't remember what the turning point was because this is you know it's a family organization this community theater group just like most of them are right I can't remember what the turning point was where they just said. You know what screw it like. You just say just put a disclaimer. You know on the show that say. Hey only this age is allowed or just so you know like up kind of deal that you know there is some explicit content or however you wanna word it adult content in this in this place so When i think when we first started rehearsing and the why am. I forgetting jack. Nicholson's character man. I guess it's just because it's been so long since i've done the play a few good men. He was so good. That movie too so cool. We want me on that wall. You need me yes. Aaron aaron sorkin is is such a good writer. Yeah everything he's done he's written so well needed the newsroom's written really well. Swing was written was ranked. Yes yes he did right. Okay let me just greater on that. Yeah jessop okay So when the guy who was playing colonel jessop when we started doing rehearsals together and we get to those scenes where you know. He's saying the f. bombs and stuff like it was so hard not laugh just because it was like and and this is coming from a guy the guy who played jessup was like a very prominent churchgoer like he. Actually i think he was acquired director at his church and he to confession after rehearsals. But you're saying pre- pretty much but yeah so that was. That was so much fun to be a part of and to be like. Ooh i get to be tom cruise. Tom cruise was like you know so. So yeah that's that's another movie that's definitely a classic for sure man. Let's talk about i i noticed. I think it was on instagram. Today i notice you guys What makes sense posted about. You have something new like coming up here soon. We do We have says far as goes live. Really talk we do what we will in the next. Let's say mont have some something new coming for everybody to check out. Okay cool you know. I want to give too much away. Because then i'll get. I'll get a male like he man running time. Get a notice from from eric. He's going to call me. Be like bro. Why did you say that. I hear the chip the chip implanted in my head. That goes off on him by the stoop is going on right now. So right you got micro-chipped when you got the vaccine right and that's the that's what they're saying. Yeah that's what they're saying. I say i'm not that interesting. Oh god well yeah. I don't know So i know. I realize there's not much you can tell us about that But i mean groundhog day is a great song. I love it gets hooked in my head all the time. i I'm just looking.

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