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Oh yeah oh yeah yeah uh pet shop boys dea collaboration with you order yeah what was that benzene electronic electromagnetic that's right danny to know the answer to this question who who's in that power station banned i have no idea this was a this is a goes big with at the first time you heard that song by the way absolutely did you like it yeah that's the first time ever heard that song it's from not even lane i know but it's been like an movies right and stuff like that at least a little bit what milicia's i work replayed overhead will all robert palmer okay with robert palmer and former chick drummer tony thompson i've never heard a to a tony out aranda ran members john taylor antitaylor um so yeah robert palmer was the lead singer there kohl song i like it we're we're we owe thank you to chrysler levy and we can take calls eight six six five to to tweet for six or we can discuss the latest news in makes martial arts you know twotime olympic champion clarisa shields rates ufc champ chris cyborgs boxing a solid seven you know what i did whenever that this is no slight it might bond and fernanda practice who wrote it but me i just went man here's why during this past summer i heard so many experts in ever may and boxing talk about how conner had a chance to outbox uh floyd mayweather that tanaka mount not outbox him right or were there maniac that actually said that no you're right other eight to win the fight via knockout and it was the certainty that they said it a few guys get a pass like the inequities of promoter um at some point at which they know what it said look i may be the crazies guy in the world i am the promote bob in number ones that he just stuck to it but there were a lot of other people that actually thought it in i don't know that they've had to pay the price for the ridiculousness of that it did you know what i mean yeah john orlando did pay each day severely uh but others were out there just saying he had a chance that this that now this on top of floyd may.

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