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First game since hurricane Katrina one month after the storm and I floated Mississippi where Tyler brush the team's quarterback is showing me around there's not a lot to see this huge piles of wreckage near the beach mile after mile of empty spaces were houses and buildings used to be after the hurricane Tyler's family left for awhile moved to Florida to tell where they used to live they got a nice house and Tyler began high school there he is practicing with the football squad he's gonna get started there too thank god for product called Tyler says coming back here was a hard choice my dad he originally didn't want me to come back I mean he was pretty much against it but he decided I mean he said that is my decision I mean I had to think about it a lot I'll never stop coming back I recognize situation I was in I knew what I was also taking a chance I came back here college teams might not seem to play in but I felt that I still need to come back though for whoever did come back his quarterback he did want to let the team down so now it's families living fifteen miles away and I'm into it into the team's other players whose families didn't return are living with them too this is a strange place to be a kid right now with no school they spend their days doing clean up work hauling out sheet rock and moving trees and debris it's bleak and boring the favorite hang outs are gone football is one of the few things they have left well actually the phone up to my house now.

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