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All through social media facebook says it removes more than ninety nine percent of isis and alqaeda propaganda before anybody's fly did a youtube executive told lawmakers the company blocks most terror videos before are published in uses counter messaging and one of hitler's cars is hitting the auction block in arizona nineteen thirty nine mercedesbenz as armor and bulletproof proof glass it lewis shovelled around the cardinal world war two woulld wide auctioneers as cargo for fifteen million bucks some of it going to the simon wiesenthal center and la's museum of tolerance traffic from the helpful socal honda traffic center comes riven sank lamented the work of the southbound side of the five this from avenue for city oda avenue a two okamuta riyal three right lane taken away that's going to his leaf is five am delay start gone off of everything to poly saada now we already have a full free way closure working leaving downey heading into norwalk five south of the 605 all lane shut down that's one until five am the diverting everybody onto the 605 southbound we have another problem gear plucked route of raps taking you time traffic line triple eight five hundred five thousand three scissors a wreck on the connector to to 605 southbound you starting to backup pretty solidly again in the main line folks have nowhere to go through back enough to lakewood boulevard kfi in the sky helps get you there faster i'm ryan ducts news on the half and when it breaks.

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