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Yeah we did this morning that's cool so so people can go to the website fine if the psa club in their area see where the events are taking place show up if they want to watch check it out trouser open for people come and we encourage people come in check it out yeah for sure and the club contacts are on there so if there's a club near your area you can definitely come out and you know and and call them and have you to training and you know hopefully you know we're we're hoping more people people start clubs you know it's one of those things where i was i was looking for existing clubs knows tell people if you build it they will come like if you if you if you if you start a club people will will find you on and then you can put together a good group joe's burgers how do you say he a club fredericksburg virginia we need one in this air how do you how do you start a club like if i wanted to start one easy if you go on the website there's you know cost one hundred dollars to register club we don't really regulate the clubs some people run him as businesses and people around him as nonprofits but we will give you help in getting things started you need three members to start out and it's all you need and the biggest the biggest the the two biggest things that i always tell people is you know you have to you have to have training decoys right and you have to be willing to travel little bit to go to maybe more stylish clubs shirt and work together with people and you know it's just like anything else you have to get socialized into the into the sport learn you know what the you know what the nuances are what's expected on trial day that sort of thing so going to trials and sort of seeing what it's all about knowing how to prepare for it knowing how to train the dogs and there's a lot of information that you know that a lot of these new clubs need a lot of times is really good trainers that are starting the clubs and so just a matter of them learning the particularities the nuances.

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