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And case you could reach for for. Dennis said he'd be available at eleven. So you could reach for. Dennis strays it. Then we'll we'll add that to the and you wanna you wanna talk about the the riders. John had around. I mean part of my deal with him in the late seventies was that i you know worked as a stable agent but i also worked as that. The part of my deal was. I was jocky agent for the stable rider so i went through a few riders with them. We try this guy would try that guy. He used to like to get them when they had the bug because they were more teachable and of course the my success story with him was cassisi lopez chucky lopez who was leading writers leading bug up mom at the first year he rode any any spent thirty days in suspension. During that i think it was less than ninety day. Meet spent about a third of it and he was still the leading bug but julie krone is is probably the greatest testament to johnson johnson ability to teach and and you know imb sensitivity into a writer the get them to pay attention to the esoteric. I'm julie just answering attacks from julie who's about When when we can expect for us to call All right dentist needs another couple of minutes. Well then you know we could do a case. Why don't you. Why don't you get alan foreman. And then why. Don't we do that. And i know it's at rose. Incentives regrets he had. He had closing this morning that he was working on so he couldn't make it. But i wish i could have had him. You can have some other time. He has great forbes story back to the days when when his father had horses with big john. John was an assistant trainer. They were good friends over the years. What Which barn did he have a moment. I don't know what the number of it was. It was by the threes poll gap. Right down there. So so the third barn from the end. Eric forever yeah everybody that that's one of the things That i don't remember the name the numbers but it was an interesting crew. Like i said it's the people that went through that barn and the horses that back then claiming was was really act. They were sure it was a big part of the game. And you know there was thirty. Five hundred dollar claims people actually wanted to thirty five hundred dollars back in the days nowadays. It's a please. Let me Let let's welcome allen form an and For those that didn't see the statement from him. Allen and the t. h. a. And and elsewhere allen has been widely quoted the allen so about John and you had a professional and relationship and friendship for several decades morning. Steve and combining john Yeah the hits. Keep coming You know i've lost two of my closest friends. In the last couple of years and they were both Absolutely instrumental In the formation of the ta but personally and just the development of my career and Yeah this this one hurts me really bad. Because i really i go back with john long way and we had a personal bond and i you know i was just blown away but when i got the call i i made reference to him essentially breaking off his career allen as a as a trainer to dedicate himself to the horsemen and to monmouth future on dentistry. Isn in will visit after you and dennis. I'm sure we'll you know we'll flesh that out but Talk about how you know. How instrumental mental he. He became to representing the horsemen in the the new jersey. Well you didn't break it off When he stopped training and began working with the with the horsemen. He did that long before When i came into the industry i was introduced to john because of his maryland. Background and When i finished my stint in the maryland attorney general's office and maryland. Horse me and ask me if i would be willing to handle some of their legal matters and become their council dish into my law. Practice they One of the executives wind right already. Had quite a relationship with john through maryland john in new jersey and maryland horsemen felt. I should be working with the national Horsemen construction at that time. Most of the national hp and the various affiliates and they national. Hp bpa was searching for national general council..

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