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But now questions on Joe Genia was Chelsea midfielder being linked with Lincoln. We saw Zhao Santos's agency. We'll wait a few days to figure out whether there is any truth in these interest mentioned in the papers right now. He's happy at Chelsea found a great atmosphere. We can't really say he'd like to go elsewhere, but anything can happen in the transfer market. We will wait and see pretty noncommittal from Joji gino's, h he's only one year into a five year deal. Chelsea any chance. This happens Gavin goes to cheer in. By the way, that is wonderful agents exactly what I would want. My agent to say. I think with the transfer bound in place. Chelsea have an issue with with bodies in, in midfield. Right. Because obviously call which is going to go back to row Madrid after his loan Loftus cheek is out for a long, long time. You've got contact. You got Barclay, you've got Georgina. Maybe they can bring Mason mount back or Buckeye yoga or whatever. But the reality is, I think they need they need Georgina in the big. So I don't see a chance of this, and I think you've also their inclination is to hand the keys of the midfield to panic bringing Stewart Robson for the first time today. How you doing robo? I wanna get your take just on the big picture. What's going on at Chelsea? We salary gone, and very potentially Frank. Lamp coming in. You can weigh in on Joe Gino, to just give us your assessment of happenings in west London. Sorry come the end of it. Although he wasn't liked by the fence did a fairly good job. But he was always, he's wish I think to go back into Italy. I didn't think he was particularly happy with the way the fans treated him and Franklin pods difficult one because every other Darby manager over the last few years is being sent be perceived as a failure for not getting promotion difference. With Franklin is a media. Everybody seems to want him to be the next Chelsea manager. And he didn't have quite the money to spend the previous dobby manages had so he can going back to chills. He's going to be loved by the fans. He's going to be given that little bit extra time. He did what with the young players Dhabi, and that's probably what shows you're looking at some of these players might go back to Chelsea so you showed that he could coach young pleasant creek develop them. And that's what he might have to do with this transfer event. Poll franklin. Paul is, is it the right move for channels in his direction stirred that Chelsea ran with a transfer bum, then it's probably going to be that type of a move. Yes. Is it risky? Yes, it is on the executive of the same reasons that the robo says you'd like it in essence is the right thing to do. It's ghosts so much against the grain of how they've done pre if I'm perfectly southern is a massive risk on the on the different circumstances. They would have gone elsewhere. But I think you know, everybody needs a chance who knows he may be able to pull it off. He may be able to work with young kids got a young kids. He was a fantastic midfield player himself. You know, he's good management skills. He's going to have to have that. But this is a big Aston than w to Chelsea staying with you poll at Manchester United fifty million pounds linked with one, the Saka from Crystal.

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