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Be so windy somebody to. We're about what happened to Clarice because he died for no reason, we just need closure is Hoy, because of out of my family members is they will close the is not risks than his great five wanna know to the right one. This is another woman from a separate case who's lost a loved one as well. Know. The like what are we gonna do, right? Wing me. Some type of helping Dallas I want my kids to be protected. I want to be able to go to the grocery store, a feel safe. I wanna be able to go through my areas. It don't have to worry about somebody, robbing me, somebody shooting me, meme, you are safe. We've taken the statues down, we have asked the statues are absolutely down. You're safe. Now this problem goes deeper than just a statue. You are safe. The statues are down ma'am. You're not gonna get harmed. The statues are down and don't worry. Are pro crime DA, who has decriminalized many crimes people who will eventually graduate to home aside. He's making sure that he's not locking anybody up anymore. What's the lesson? Don't be bored. I call him urkel now. Pro crime DA. Herbal what's the lesson? Don't be four. So. Yeah. There we need the.

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